Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Two!!!!

Okay first let me start by saying I know I am the worst blogger and crafter/stamper ever LOL I promise when soccer season is over to get better, but with work, 2 in school, 2 in soccer, and physical therapy 3 times a week - I dont have free time anymore!!! With that said here is a long awaited update to my blog .... no new cards to show!!!

I somehow managed to have 2 of my children on the same exact day 6 years apart! So this past weekend we celebrated Autumns 8th birthday on Saturday and Amanda's 2nd birthday on Sunday! We had Autumns party at the base bowling alley and she wanted a skull theme (dont ask - its cool LOL) and Amanda got a Pet shop party cause she has to roll with what I pick (she does love those little animals though!) Below are some pics with some comments - enjoy and I will try to post more later!!!

Autumn waiting for her guests

So I have my very own live in cake boss. I designed the cakes and lo and behold nana actually was able to create them!!! Pretty cool - Autumn wanted a skull cake to match her party

She has been wanting a Moxie girl for awhile

She finally got a "real" camera, which means we now have to hide from her cause she is recording and snapping pics constantly (I honestly dont know where she gets it from LOL)

She is pretty happy with shoes - practical yet cute LOL

This is apparently her "fierce" model face LOL - we got several of these poses with every piece of clothing
Day 2: the house for Amanda's party and amanda playing with that birthday bear I got for my birthday - ultimate revenge he is being pulled out for every birthday until they are 40 LOL
Another cake Nana and I did - I drew it she did it! The tree is actually fondant! She did a great job!! We stole the pet shop animals from the girls room LOL
Daddy trying to help Amanda blow out her candles - she just wanted to eat the cake!
No problems smiling for the camera here - Ashley was having a blast!
The three stooges LOL kidding - they girls were great helping Amanda

All 4 of my girls!

Okay the final few pics are me trying to snap a pic of the birthday girls...I wish I could make a flip book - there are about 30 + on my camera but you can get the general idea with these few LOL

Here amanda got an idea...first she put the hat over her face, she then looked at me and got the ultimate idea

She walked to me and put the hat over the camera lense LOL this is one of my pics after I pulled it off...I think we are in trouble with this one LOL

I think I wore them out wooohooo!!!

Overall it was a fun but busy 2 days with a soccer game, birthday party, birthday dinner, cake, presents, birthday breakfast, playtime at chuckee cheese, another birthday dinner, cake and presents!!