Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ashley's 1st Birthday

So I have failed at my blogging once per week but I will strive to at least aim for twice a month!! March has flown by and today we celebrated Ash's first Birthday!
What I have learned this day - Ashley hates to be set down outside, Alison had the aversion of being on grass as well so I am going to assume she will grow out of it soon...I also learned she has the same aversion to birthday cake Alison had. Dan somehow managed to get her interested in it though and by the time she was done she was a total mess!
This is my attempt to get a pic of the can see how much ash is enjoying the outdoors lol
so i moved the group inside and this is the best i could get!
Ash's favorite present was her own zoobie...awesome pillow/blanket/stuffed animal combo. Love these!
She was not enjoying her birthday hat but we managed to get a smile out of her!
Mom did a mommy and baby panda bear cakes.
Ashley and Ariel were both watching the cake closely lol
And she realized she does not like to get dirty
Dan intervened and we managed to get her interested in the cake
Overall I think she had a wonderful time!!!