Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve!!! I have high hopes for 2010 and I am hoping it lives up to it!!! I am going to enjoy a year not being pregnant LOL and enjoying time with my family!

Have a Safe Night and Cheers to a wonderful new year!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

All Caught Up!!!

Okay so I think everything is now up to date but I have to go hit the hay!!! I am unfortunately out of vacation days and I have to work tomorrow and there is TONS to do!!! I actually planned to work tonight and after running dan a snack at work, I was not in the work mode.

I have tons of resolutions for the new year and one of them is bringing everything into balance...I apparently need balance in my life to be "superwoman" and this year everything was not in balance. My constant trying to do everything at the last minute for everything is a sign of that!

I will list them out below and I hope to keep all of them!!!!

  1. Blog at least once a week!
  2. Start a game night with the girls
  3. Clip and organize my coupons each week and get my stockpile back!!
  4. Pay off some bills in 2010 and cut some cards!!! It is time for my "friends" to go!
  5. Scrap a page and make a card at least 1 per month! This is vital "me" time that I have not had this year and I think I really need this!!!
  6. Work "normal" hours....I worked some really crazy hours this year and still stayed behind 90% of the is a horrid feeling and it definitely seeped into my home life as working so much threw me off my couponing and "me" time. I am trying to realize I am but one person and I can only do what I can do.....tough for someone like me to accept, but I am driving myself nuts stressing about not being on top of things!
  7. Lose the baby weight!!! No more babies for us so it is time to get this weight off finally!! I apparently "live" by my taste buds per my hubby (he stated this as I was eating snow LOL) and it is true - I do love food!! I unfortunately at my age I have to ramp up the exercise though, a diet is not enough anymore!
  8. Get back to my uber organized self and stay that way!!! Be Proactive and not Reactive!!! I hate realizing 2 days after someones birthday that I did not send a card or call....Please note I realized all of your birthdays, and I completely hate I did not get out Thank You notes for all the wonderful things people have done for me this year! If you get a random thank you note in 2010 it is possibly from something you did in 2009!

I think that is all for me for this year! I think it is enough to keep me busy and most are simple enough I "should" be able to keep them!!!

What are your resolutions for this year???


So Christmas with 4 kids is insane! I somehow managed to get everything wrapped and ready to go in time - still not sure how I managed it! I have learned to ignore my hubby's growling around this time of year LOL When we just had Autumn it was because I got her everything, then with 2 I cut back but with 2 there was the same amount, and while I have cut back even more when you have presents for 7 people, the tree is going to be full! Needless to say he growls this time of the year and I ignore it LOL

The highlights for the girls was Autumn got an Ipod and a Teacher set (she makes alison attend school daily, taught by her lol), Alison was happiest with Santa's gift of Zhu Zhu pets - oh yes I managed to score the elusive "hot toy" and accessories, Amanda loves the house mom got her, and little ashley likes to eat the bits of wrapping paper she can uncover LOL She has not yet realized not everything goes into her mouth!

Amanda on Christmas Eve:

Dan and the 2 youngest:

Autumn with her School Set

Ashley opening some presents

Ashley discovering she likes the wrapping paper and boxes more than the presents lol

All of my girls

the cat quickly fell in love with her bed...her name is belle which I am learning it is pointless to name a cat as they do not come when you call their name nor do they listen LOL

Ariel loved her bed, until Rosie found it:
btw they got their names Rosie and Belle from my oldest girls that for some reason name EVERYTHING Rosabella...every stuffed animal and toy has some form of rosabella for a name. Hence Rosie and Belle.

And if you ever wondered what kind of crazy people buys Snuggies for their answered that question - her poor dog LOL

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The great blizzard of 2009!

I have not seen this much snow since I was a kid in Oklahoma!!! We seriously got snowed in and I almost did not get off work in time to get supplies!!! I just managed to get salt but I was unable to get a second sled! We did manage to have a fun time with the one we had from last year though!

This is the night of the 2nd day of it snowing....dan had to go into work as many were snowed in, so we had to dig out my car!

The girls got some quality time in the snow

This is after it was all done...check out the snow on our porch!!!

Dan dug the girls a little snow fort, which they proceeded to trash later in the day....needless to say we were not happy since the younger ones never got a chance to check it out.

They were cute in it though before it met its demise

Overall it was a fun experience - I now however will take a LONG lunch break in the future snow days and get the supplies we need early!

We are ready for the next one!

Ali's Bday!!!

Wow this is going to be a long update!!! Needless to say I am breaking it into 3 posts! One for Ali, One for the Blizzard and one for Christmas!

1st off I have not forgotten anyone - My christmas cards are still here with me, they will be on their way this week I promise!!!

2nd - I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!! To family I wish we could have spent it with you guys, but I assure you - you probably had a quieter christmas without my crazy crew around!

Now with that done - time for updates!!!

Alison had the luck of being born a week before christmas! We had her party at chuck e. cheese with some friends from her pre-school class on a Wednesday night. 2 thoughts to this, 1 - middle of the week, hopefully less busy, and 2 - middle of the week maybe all 16 people I invited would not show LOL Sounds horrid I know but you have to invite the entire class, and I prefer to do more for less people then less for more people.

Mom out did herself on her cake

One of her favorite presents was her Princess and the Frog Prince and Princess dolls, she looks a wee bit excited LOL

She got some quality time with Chuck E Cheese at her party in her stylin' inflatable hat - which someone had the wise idea to create token spots so her sisters could chase her trying to steal her tokens, ahh having four girls is a joy every day LOL

Thursday, December 17, 2009

One of "those" days

Ever have one of those days you wonder why you bothered to get out of bed!!!

My day started off okay, but after I wrapped up from work that is when it started! I dropped my dish of spaghetti sauce (frozen in the serving containers I use) and busted that. I then dropped and broke my olive oil carafe while adding a touch to my pasta water. I then dumped the parmesan cheese in the floor!!! I took a break from my klutzy spell (ever read Megan the Klutz? My fave book when I was 12 LOL, for good reason apparently!), got the kids ready for bed, Ali realized she lost her stuffed Monkey she got for her birthday so I spent an hour unsuccessfully looking for him, sat at my desk and proceeded to somehow hook and dump my file organizer in the floor.

So here I sit with paper and documents everywhere posting a blog so I dont scream and wake up the kids!!!

I hope all is well with everyone! We are doing okay other than my uber super unlucky night! Nearly ready for christmas, just have to wrap the presents!

We may get some snow Saturday! I will try to log in tomorrow night and update you all on Ali's 5th Birthday party!