Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!

Its that time again - another year has flown by!!! Have you made your resolutions yet for the upcoming year? Mine are pretty standard, pay off some debt, spend quality time with the family, and lose the baby weight quickly (yeah right LOL) after having a healthy and one hopes happy baby!!!

One way I am going to help our finances in this economy is I am trying something new with grocery shopping called the grocery game! I saw it on CNN while in Florida and I am loving it - it helps you combine your coupons you clip each week with store sales to build a stockpile of food at rock bottom prices that can last you through to the next cycle when that food is on sale again. I have already seen a huge savings at drug stores believe it or not!!! They all have some type of cash back, rebate type program in place and if you do it just right you see huge savings.

Be sure to put me down if you decide to try out their trial! I would definitely haunt their message board for a few weeks, and gather some coupons before signing up though. I signed up in Florida, went home and started accumulating coupons so 6 weeks in I am just now getting it going! Now if only I could find a scrap store that did cash back or rebates I would be all set LOL

As for my weight loss - I am loving the wii fit!!! I think I am going to combine that with the bike and go from there. I am no longer going to hoola hoop though until after i have the baby.....doctors dont tell you to hoola hoop because what idiot can hoola hoop preggo - well thanks to the wii fit - I rocked that hoola hoop LOL but I worked some muscles I think we will leave unworked til April LOL

Good luck to all of you setting your new years resolutions and I wish you all a very Safe and very Happy New Years!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Recovery Time!!

Whew who knew being pregnant over Christmas could be soooo exhausting!!! I usually have had the baby before this time so other than the year I had Alison I am well recovered by this time of year! We had a great day though! Santa came by and left us a wii and alllllll of the goodies to go with it so needless to say that has been getting a workout - today was 7 hours alone LOL Nana is already talking of wanting one for her room so she can get to it and play what she wants when she wants hahahahaha (nana is my mom who is actually kid #4 currently)!

Dan got me a camcorder and some winter wear and books - he still had to sneak in an electronic! Nana got me a huge ott lite for my office/scrap room (no longer can it be referred to as my cave!) and the new "your story" binder/laminator machine from provo craft. Dan got his motorcycle jacket, a bucs jersey from Nana, some ps3 games and stargate and firefly series on dvd (what every sci fi geek must have!). Nana got some shelves for her room and the bionic eye thing that records. The girls what can I say they were well taken care of LOL Autumn got her guitar and a bunch of craft stuff and clothes (she is getting sooooo hard to shop for!) Alison above all got her potty doll, a wowwee panda, some clothes and misc. other toys. Amanda got the bounce and spin zebra and a piano she loves and some misc. toys. Ariel and Alex got some squeaky toys and treats.

After opening the mountain of presents - I have thinned down what I spend on them but with the growing family it does not really reduce the amount of presents LOL I am afraid to see the tree next year with baby #4! - I then moved onward to christmas dinner! It turned out pretty yummy and we all proceeded to eat too much =0) But then it was on to wii fit time LOL we all did our wii fit ages which was hilarious!! Mom is 64 and her wii fit age was 47, I am 31 and my wii fit age is 51 talk about embarrassing LOL But in my defense I went first and we had no clue what we were doing! I went again later and besides gaining 3 lbs?? I probably should not have ate that turkey sandwich LOL I got my age down to 47 so at least I am not older than mom now LOL Autumn was 14 and Alison was 24 (she really has absolutely no balance) and I think Dan was in his 50's. Overall I have to really say I love the Wii and Wii fit. It is not only a blast to play and we can all enjoy it but it really does work you! I wish they had a preggo setting so my poor Mii character did not look like a butterball turkey though LOL Although that is probably pretty fitting for me right now =0)

Today was our lazy day and basically we played the wii and just vegged. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I am going to concentrate on recovering from Christmas =)
Sorry posting this a day later - hubby fixed our net so we were offline for a whole evening *gasp*

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What is that noise that my ears happen to hear?

Why it is 3 fire truck sirens blaring through the neighborhood, our fire department drove through every neighborhood on base tonight shouting Merry Christmas with Santa waving happily from one of the truck - A very nice gesture unless one is tracking santa on Norad and sees he is currently in Iceland LOL I very quickly explained how the Santa in the fire truck is one of Santa's helpers there to spread Christmas cheer while he is busy delivering presents! Whew it was much easier when my eldest child was younger =)

We opened our 1 christmas eve present tonight and Autumn opened a Hannah Montana watch, Alison a pixos refill pack, Dan opened Mortal Combat vs. DC heros for the ps3 - we had a great time fighting it out in the game, and I opened (drumroll please) my very own camcorder wooohooo now with child #4 I can actually record those first steps!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful christmas eve, my little ones are tucked into bed with their christmas jammies on and christmas music playing, the cookies for santa and carrots for the reindeer are out on the table, and I am just waiting for them to actually go to sleep to begin operation christmas eve!
Merry Christmas to All and to all a good night!!!!

Twas the Night before Christmas....

and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse!!!

What a lovely thought, but not very accurate for a house with 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a nana LOL there is always something stirring in my house! Christmas eve in my house is ran like a military mission - Nana watches guard and sounds the alarm if someone has one of those midnight potty breaks or needs a drink -- btw why do kids insist on using the restroom furthest from them LOL --- My job is to follow through with the mission of getting all the presents and stocking set up as quickly and efficiently as possible without getting caught. We had a pretty close call last year but so far I have yet to have a failed mission (knock on wood)!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve! I have spent mine running around to get donuts for tomorrow (krispy kreme has the cutest snowmen donuts), buying a few bratz at toys r us (btw NEVER go to Toys R Us on Christmas Eve!!!), Grocery Shopping (again NEVER do this on Christmas Eve), and now catching up my blog!

First let me touch on that grocery shopping trip - I asked my lovely (heavy sarcasm) husband what he wanted for Christmas dinner, I was told whatever, so I named a bunch of things and he said and I quote "dont go too fancy or time consuming so you can relax" hmmm so I planned on a christmas roast, pop it in the crock pot tonight tomorrow afternoon dinner is done! So this same man asked me about 3 hours ago "so you are doing a ham tomorrow right?" Needless to say I am now making a Ham, Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potatoes, Corn, Rolls, Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing, Gravy, Pumpkin Pie, and Cheesecake. Some items I am cheating on like the pie, cheesecake and stuffing but nevertheless he will have ham LOL.

This holiday season I have done many no-no's, normally I am way ahead and wrapping straggler presents - in fact we just did santa last night!!! What a great experience though! We got there at 4:50 and Santa was gone til reality he was still there but took a break at 5:30 but they had stopped the line. So the elf helper told us to get in line go grab food and picnic in line, otherwise at 6 we would be facing a 2 hour line. So we did just that - I grabbed chik fil a, and we had a fun picnic right there on the mall floor waiting for Santa, and boy was that elf right. That line was LONG at 6!!! Right at 6 line opened and we were about 4th back and we were done by 6:15. They had a cute set up with a naughty meter - where the kids put their hand on a button and it tells if they are naughty or nice - it lies though both of mine came up very nice LOL

Then they got to mail their letters to santa in this mailbox that shoots out snow!!

Finally Santa was perfect, best one I think I have seen and he was very nice, unfortunately Amanda was tired and did not like sitting in the jolly old stranger's lap LOL Overall though it was a positive experience =)

I Wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, or whatever you do or dont celebrate. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and stay warm and safe!!!

Love the Richarz Family

Monday, December 22, 2008

Starting to Feel Caught Up!!

Woohoo Goodie bags are done - I cheated LOL today while in Wal-Mart I saw these cute gift tags so I bought those and let autumn right them out to her friends. I was going to be crafty and cut tags with the cricut and stamp but time was against us! If I had not had the cookies I may have been a bit more motivated =0) Check out the finished goodie bag and snowman cookies!

Also while I was running errands on my lunch break I came home to the cutest card and tin of cookies! Thanks Tracy!!!! My daughter carried around her "rudolph" gingerbread cookie for an hour showing me how he can fly....I think she may have problems eating him LOL
Anyhoo just a few more items to take care of to deal with wrapping...technically I am done but I need to help Santa with a few items! I need to buy mom's present, and we need to take the kids to see santa (I am sooo running late this year!) Whew stress is pretty much past and now I can actually relax and enjoy the holiday!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday the day for relaxing?

whew I am tired but I have got a LOT done today!!! I woke up made cinnamon rolls (canned of course LOL) then started on the reindeer - whoever came up with candy cane reindeer should be shot LOL Very cute - but when doing them for the entire class - very time consuming!
I then moved onto goodie bags,
and then some bead bracelet kits I had. We made these for us and a few of autumn's closest friends - very cute idea, I think after xmas I am going to stalk michael's/AC Moore for some charms on clearance and make them for her entire class next year.
I wrapped all of this up by organizing my pantry, cabinets, fixing some wall paper that was not sticking down right - thank you elmer's glue LOL, and wiping down the kitchen, and hanging some pictures (only 500 left to hang (slight exaggeration LOL)) WHEW!!!!
I then got to finish the goodie bags (we did the reindeer's noses last so I was waiting for them to dry!).
I will post the final bags when I get the tags made (probably tomorrow I need to go get kids ready for bed and wrap, wrap, wrap!!!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bratz gone for good???

Wow so while sitting and chilling with the other parents today at chuckee cheese at a birthday party autumn attended - one of the other parents mentioned bratz going off the shelves after the christmas season!!!! I actually cannot believe how bummed I am ! I unlike some parents like Bratz - I think they have more personality and they have really branched out the line into the petz and pony'z. They also have REALLY tamed down the hoochie mama look they had when they first came out.

I buy barbie too but as I found out while in Florida I apparently only buy the ones tied to their movies LOL - My daughter received a barbie from her Grandma and asked me which movie it was in hahahahaha.

Overall I personally think they are different enough they should not have to be pulled and I am rather disappointed in Mattel that apparently cannot handle some strong competition, which I am sure they were feeling as Bratz diversified their line even more.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Blog Catch up!!!

Okay It is time to finally catch up my blog!!! It has been pretty much a month since I have done a "good" post so here it goes!!!

For Thanksgiving we went home to Florida to visit family - we stayed with my hubby's sister and the kids had a blast in her pool / hot tub....well autumn had a blast alison I dont think ever got more than her toes wet LOL she is definitely my cautious child!!

Of course when the child is not cautious she regrets it ---- Aunt Spring has a sliding glass door to the pool which we had open all day and the kids ran in and out all day...well that night we closed the door and poor alison running full force ran right into the door - unfortunately I witnessed it all and nearly fell over laughing while trying to console the poor thing - all she could say is why didnt we open the door.

We had our christmas with the family before we left and the kids got to open their presents from their aunts and grandparents early, then Dan got to go to a Bucs game, and Spring and I learned that we are not meant to take the kids anywhere LOL.

Attempt #1 - we took the kids to a downtown light set up where when we returned to the car the kids asked where the surprise was --- Failure LOL Attempt #2 - we took the kids to a pottery shop to paint ornaments, when we got there we discovered it had been closed down ---- Failure Attempt #3 - after all 3rd time is the charm, right? We decide to take the kids to Orlando to wonder works, but with my kids, spring's 2, and dixie's 1 - we all cannot fit in 1 car. Spring's ex hubby came along and drove with her 2 kids and we all rode with spring. Unfortunately we faced hurricane type rain driving to Orlando, and as we pulled off on the exit we get a call from her ex that he had an accident!!!!! A tire blew and he went into the guard rail spun, back to the guard rail, etc. --- Failure!! Luckily everyone was okay, and the kids were more worried about their broken DS's then anything. We have learned our lesson though!!

Even with all of this we had a great time! I went shopping with spring on black friday and actually had a great time - who knew you could have fun with your sister-in-law LOL
Needless to say upon returning home I needed some recouping time! and then it was onward to my christmas cards! I chose my Santa card for my card and I had enough supplies to make 40, unfortunately I sent out 96 cards LOL

Some were for Pampered Chef though with an adorable snowman cake recipe and I used store bought ones for my co-workers at work. So with my 40 cards I was only truly short 3, but I would have liked about 10 more to cover some I wanted to send a real card to and I discovered I forgot 2 people LOL However, after sending out 96 and so far receiving 6 back - I am good LOL What is up with the trend of Xmas cards? I have noticed each year they have been less and less - I thought it was due to our moves but from what I hear from others - I am not the only one that is getting less!

It was then onward to trimming the tree,

wrapping presents and working with Ali's birthday party!! Are you starting to see why I am behind on my blog yet LOL I work from 8 - 5 or 6, cook dinner, get kids bathed and in bed, then have me time, which means card, wrapping, birthday, or now goodie bags (more on that later LOL) Anyhoo Ali's party - she wanted a Dora Theme (again) and I talked my mom into making her a little army of dora cakes!

Daddy took her to breakfast where someone called her a princess so she became princess for the day as she informed us LOL I worked a half day so while I worked, Mom and her decorated her cakes and then after her nap and when autumn was home we went to chuckee cheese! On the way out the door she informed me this was the best day of her life - awwwwwww!!! We went and played, had pizza, I got them some loot from the counter, and then onward to home to presents and cake!! She still has to pull every piece of tape and paper from a present before passing it on LOL so it took forever!! Her absolute fave toy was her frog backpack, which is currently stuffed with anything she can cram into him! During the cakes she informed me I was to light the cake, singe her happy birthday, and then she would blow out her candle LOL so we followed her instructions......then it was bath and bed time and my time to collapse!!! life has calmed down since (tuesday) all I have to face is making goodie bags for autumns class and cookies for her last day on Tuesday!

The goodie bags! I ordered her some stuff from oriental trading because nobody has good trinkets for Christmas! You can find plenty at Halloween though! I will say I am impressed by Oriental Trading - My order was right but the items did not look like the pic so they sent me new items out free of charge, if the new items look okay I will definitely go back based upon their customer service!!! I should get those today and that just leaves us to make 30 candy cane reindeers LOL Why I do this to myself I will never know!!
On Wed. night I took Autumn to Her school store for her to do her christmas shopping - I gave her $5 to shop during class for her sisters to feel like a big girl, but whoever helped her was on something LOL - you wrote down who they were shopping for and ages, well she comes home with a teacher pen for her 4 year old sister and a #1 mom mug for her 1 year old sister LOL While very cute and thoughtful one wonders a) how my child can not read the item and b) how the helper did not catch it! Anyhoo I transferred those items to myself and her teacher and took her back to get daddy and her sisters and nana something. She had fun picking out presents and putting them in the bags and writing who they went much fun next year I think she is helping me wrap LOL if only she was not my child that would tell everyone what they got - it would be on accident but it would happen.

Whew I think that brings us up to the present! I will strive to keep it updated from now on =0) I should have some pics from our goodie bag making and reindeer candy cane project coming soon!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad Blogger

So it has been nearly a month since my last blog!!!! Needless to say it has been crazy, with a trip home to Florida, Thanksgiving, Christmas Shopping, Christmas Crafts with the kids, Picking and decorating a tree, wrapping presents, getting ready for Ali's Birthday, and making christmas cards! So hectic to say the least!! It has been so nuts I have actually contemplated thinning down my scrap stuff *gasp*!

I am going to take a few minutes later today to update my blog, tell some funny stories and some not so funny stories from our vacation and general catch up!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pampered Chef

Just a reminder that Pampered Chef is throwing its stoneware sale this month!!!! All unglazed stones are 20% off!!! Email me at for more information!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Christmas Cards

So I started yesterday evening working on cards - trying to catch up on a card challenge for LinneCards and what do I end up doing - cards that have nothing to do with the challenge LOL I am card making like I scrap - I let the supplies lead me rather than me leading them!! I used a huge Joy stamp from Unity on one card and their Christmas List stamp and I believe it is itty bitty christmas santa stamp on the other. Both cards have bazzill as the base and Basic grey as the patterned paper. I am not quite done with Joy but as soon as I get a light grey copic and a glitter pen I will take care of that =0)

Other than that not much is going on!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ft Meade Card Swap

Wow it has been awhile since I updated! It has been crazy around here with getting ready for the card swap and just general life with 3 kids! I finished my card, my finished product is below. I used Stampin up Green and Red cardstock and I embossed one layer with the snowflake die for the cuttlebug. I then used shimmerz on this layer to give it some sheen! Used a stampin up santa stamp and an inkadinkado stamp. I used copics to color in santa and accented him with stickles...overall i think he turned out pretty good!

The swap itself was awesome! It was hosted by Tracy and Amanda and they did a fab job! I had a blast trying out everyone's cards and for a newbie it was great to get some ideas and learn some new techniques!! I also unfortunately now want about 4-5 more stamps sets then I did when I went in LOL I have a pic of some of my completed cards below.

Also I won a fabulous prize from Rhonda - an adorable altered house she did! She is being pretty modest but it is adorable!!!! So overall a wonderful day away from home and I am uber motivated now to make some christmas cards!!! I think I will continue with Santa for now. But I foresee that Cardinal stamp set and the snowman stampin up set in my near future!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Weekend!

We had a very busy weekend full of trick or treating and a trip to the Smithsonian National Zoo!! It was a very fun weekend though and I think the girls had a blast (ignore autumns scowl in the halloween pic hahaha)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

shoebox swap card

woohooo I think I am well on my way with my swap card!!! I have a great start and I ended up using the stampin up Santa stamp BUT I think I have a perfect spot for a new stamp on its way to me called Santa's List from Unity! I hope it comes soon I am about to die to post it LOL

Busy Busy Bee!!!

Sorry I have not posted much!!! I have been busy working on my altered item for the swap I am going to in 2 weeks! I really need to work on my card! (its a card swap LOL). I have also been pretty busy with Autumn with school projects and halloween festivities! I have posted a pic of autumns "altered" pumpkin - their teacher gave them a pumpkin and she had to turn it into something with some scrap supplies (paper, pen, black paint) and some cotton balls and pipe cleaners I think she did a good job!! I had to help her with the paint though because it was getting EVERYWHERE!!!

I have also posted a pic of my wagon - I dont think too many ladies from the swap will see this and after the pain and effort it took to get the darn thing papered I want to share it LOL It does not look like I did much but it took several nights LOL

Other than that tomorrow is hip hop thursday at my fave stamp company Unity - I am going to try to resist ordering this week but Angela makes it really hard to resist her specials and items!!!! So I will be trying to resist tomorrow and carving my pumpkins!!! Nothing like waiting til the last minute LOL

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boo at Bo Bunny!

Bo Bunny is going to be boo'ing some lucky people that add Bo Bunny to their blog! Go check it out and good luck getting boo'd!! Their link is in my favorite places on the left.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Shimmerz Blog Candy!

Shimmerz is giving away some blog candy! Be sure to check it out at
There are FIVE new colors... but they're MORE than just new color additions... these five new colors are a whole new product line!
Let me just say from personal experience - I bought my first jar over the weekend at a local stamp store and I absolutely fell in love with the samples the store had hanging using this product! It gives a great glittery look without having to deal with glue pads and glitter trays and glitter everywhere.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The weekend is nearly here!

It has been a fairly quiet week with me not doing much since Tuesday! I did get my scrap area organized finally, now just to spruce up these white walls so it is not so blah!

Not much going on this weekend so maybe I will have an amazing card to post soon! I would be happy with a so-so one though LOL

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Unity Sketch Challenge by Amber Dawn

There was a sketch posted this week by Amber Dawn that I could not resist! How better to practice making cards then using sketches!!! I used an adorable set they have called Mix up of cuteness to create my purple creation below LOL - I have started to think of cards as mini layouts with stamps as my seems to be helping! I used Basic Grey Paper and some Glitter and Rhinestones to pep it up and yes my purple owl =0) You cannot tell in the pic but I used a pop up glue dot so he is raised a bit.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Card

So I took my card I worked on Saturday and revamped it! I did not have a lot of my stuff with me since I was not at home so with my supplies I think I was able to pretty the card up quite a bit! Here is what I came up with - you can scroll down to see the old version. I used Basic Grey and Bazzill for the Paper and I used Unity's Birds of a Feather stamp and a mystery scroll stamp I had and a doodlebug stamp for the happy holidays. I used red stickles on his bow and some pearls to accent. So simple but he took forever (still having issues staying in the lines LOL)

Its Monday Again

Why is Monday the worst day of the week LOL - I always feel blah and just want to crawl back into bed every single one!!! Of course the frigid air outside is not helping!!!

I did not get much more done over the weekend but I did manage to get a staz on (still cannot find that memento pad anywhere!!!!) and some paper that will work until the paper trey paper I ordered comes in (really good paper!). Funny story with getting my staz on LOL I went to AC Moore about 530 but of course with traffic I got there right at 6 - I assume they are closed and run into office depot - where the manager was awesome actually pried the doors open and let me in to shop!!! I only took a moment and as I walked by ac moore and saw people still coming out I decided to see if I could get in - sure enough the door opened right up - I sprinted over to the scrap area (dragging alison behind me LOL) as I neared the stamp supplies I get blocked by a huge linebacker of a manager (seriously he blocked the entire aisle).

He was not very friendly to say the least hahaha He tried with his "can I help you" and so I played dumb LOL I was like "yes where is your stamp stuff?" so the "cheerful" manager curtly informed me "we are closed" to which I replied (playing dumb still) "oh really, your door was open", he gave up at this point and was like "its over here" so I said "oh thank you so much!" I then ran into the aisle grabbed a black staz on, which michaels cannot seem to stock and then frantically tried to see if they had a memento pad - apparently I looked like a shop lifter, because linebacker manager stayed and watched me - so I started bugging him LOL asking if they had memento pads. He obviously had no clue so I grabbed my staz on told him thanks and went to the register where I have to say my uber friendly cashier made up for the pretty rude manager!

Tonight I am going to play with my new pad, paper, and copics tonight to see what I can come up with...As I wait oh so patiently for my christmas set from Unity (cutest reindeer ever!!!) I think he is the stamp I will use for the swap - it is between him and santa now! Also with my amatuer effort for my card LOL I definitely need to practice with that! It is pretty different than a layout - a lot less space to come up with a wow factor!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tonight I went to Tracy's house, where she was holding a stamp night. I got to pick her and her friends brains for several hours and eat something uber yummy she makes called cake balls. I am soooo going to make those in the very near future!! So here is my first card in a really long time and I think only the 2nd I have ever attempted LOL It is definitely a beginners card but it was fun to make and hey its a start! I got to play with copics and my pencils AND I met a wonderful lady that is a copic expert and was a wealth of knowledge! I have to say I absolutely LOVE my Unity far them and my stampin up's are stamping the best and are allowing the most creativity with coloring. Well off I go to watch a movie with hubby - we are seeing sex drive tonight which looks rather funny (yes we are over 30 going to a teeny bopper movie LOL)


Woohoooo It is Friday!!!! I am going to a Stamp Night tonight so tomorrow I may actually have something to post that I worked on LOL I did go last night and got some watercolor paper and prismacolor pencils - what a difference!!! Now my issue is I need to practice what I preach to my 7 year old (stay in the lines LOL) actually my issue seems to be my blender pens - they have big brush tips and they are not helping me stay in the line....I think I am going to try that gamosol (sp.?) and the wooden pens to see if that gives me more control in that area. Anyhoo it has been fun and so many ladies over at Unity and the Swap group have been extremely helpful - thank you so much!!!!

Totally off a crafty topic lol - my 3 year old has an addiction - kind of odd but when she was around 1 my husband bought some breakfast hot pockets at Sams, well one morning we were out of milk or something so I gave her one - my mistake LOL She has been addicted since!! Well we ran out last week and she kept asking me and I told her next time I went to the store I would get her some - well I had to run out the other day and I should have known when she was so adament about going. The whole trip she kept telling me how much she loved me, I am her mom, etc. Well we get to the PX and we are walking in and out it comes - "Is this where they sell hot pockets?" Ahhhhh now I know why you love me so much and wanted to come LOL So needless to say we went to the Commissary next. where she insisted on carrying them, placing them on the belt at the register, and sitting them next to her in the car - At least I know which child will be prone to obsessive behaviors LOL For the healthy minded readers she is a stick figure of a child and other than the fatty breakfast she eats a ton of fruit and milk so she is not obese from her addiction LOL

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stamping away!

I got my new kit last night from Unity Stamp Co (love them!!!) and I had to play with it LOL I have come to the conclusion I have the wrong paper! One needs watercolor paper to get it to blend right (bazzill does not work in this case!). So I now have a shopping list - Paper, and I think I am going to start buying the copics, while pricey I think they will be worth it in the long run! Also on a side note Unity is having a sale today 25% off - you cant beat that!!!

Other than that I will spend my day today working and trying to figure out what I am making for a bunco night on is my first time playing so that should be interesting. My buddy Sheila jinxed me though so I will probably roll "snake eyes" all night - thanks She LOL

Well off I go to convince Autumn to move faster - she is going to be fun getting up as a teenager, since I am already having issues with her getting ready for school at 7!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome to My Blog

Everyone is doing it right? Well here I go jumping off the cliff! I will mainly use my blog to share my latest creations with scrapbooking - I may even have a recipe now and then, heck it may be a great place to vent LOL we will see!!

A bit about me - I am a 31 year old mother of 3 beautiful girls! I love to scrapbook and I am about to dabble in card making. My hobby has primarily consisted of me buying scrap stuff for the past year since I have had absolutely no time to actually scrap!

Well i am going to keep this one short and sweet (dont get used to it - I am quite wordy).