Monday, October 20, 2008

Its Monday Again

Why is Monday the worst day of the week LOL - I always feel blah and just want to crawl back into bed every single one!!! Of course the frigid air outside is not helping!!!

I did not get much more done over the weekend but I did manage to get a staz on (still cannot find that memento pad anywhere!!!!) and some paper that will work until the paper trey paper I ordered comes in (really good paper!). Funny story with getting my staz on LOL I went to AC Moore about 530 but of course with traffic I got there right at 6 - I assume they are closed and run into office depot - where the manager was awesome actually pried the doors open and let me in to shop!!! I only took a moment and as I walked by ac moore and saw people still coming out I decided to see if I could get in - sure enough the door opened right up - I sprinted over to the scrap area (dragging alison behind me LOL) as I neared the stamp supplies I get blocked by a huge linebacker of a manager (seriously he blocked the entire aisle).

He was not very friendly to say the least hahaha He tried with his "can I help you" and so I played dumb LOL I was like "yes where is your stamp stuff?" so the "cheerful" manager curtly informed me "we are closed" to which I replied (playing dumb still) "oh really, your door was open", he gave up at this point and was like "its over here" so I said "oh thank you so much!" I then ran into the aisle grabbed a black staz on, which michaels cannot seem to stock and then frantically tried to see if they had a memento pad - apparently I looked like a shop lifter, because linebacker manager stayed and watched me - so I started bugging him LOL asking if they had memento pads. He obviously had no clue so I grabbed my staz on told him thanks and went to the register where I have to say my uber friendly cashier made up for the pretty rude manager!

Tonight I am going to play with my new pad, paper, and copics tonight to see what I can come up with...As I wait oh so patiently for my christmas set from Unity (cutest reindeer ever!!!) I think he is the stamp I will use for the swap - it is between him and santa now! Also with my amatuer effort for my card LOL I definitely need to practice with that! It is pretty different than a layout - a lot less space to come up with a wow factor!

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