Friday, October 17, 2008


Woohoooo It is Friday!!!! I am going to a Stamp Night tonight so tomorrow I may actually have something to post that I worked on LOL I did go last night and got some watercolor paper and prismacolor pencils - what a difference!!! Now my issue is I need to practice what I preach to my 7 year old (stay in the lines LOL) actually my issue seems to be my blender pens - they have big brush tips and they are not helping me stay in the line....I think I am going to try that gamosol (sp.?) and the wooden pens to see if that gives me more control in that area. Anyhoo it has been fun and so many ladies over at Unity and the Swap group have been extremely helpful - thank you so much!!!!

Totally off a crafty topic lol - my 3 year old has an addiction - kind of odd but when she was around 1 my husband bought some breakfast hot pockets at Sams, well one morning we were out of milk or something so I gave her one - my mistake LOL She has been addicted since!! Well we ran out last week and she kept asking me and I told her next time I went to the store I would get her some - well I had to run out the other day and I should have known when she was so adament about going. The whole trip she kept telling me how much she loved me, I am her mom, etc. Well we get to the PX and we are walking in and out it comes - "Is this where they sell hot pockets?" Ahhhhh now I know why you love me so much and wanted to come LOL So needless to say we went to the Commissary next. where she insisted on carrying them, placing them on the belt at the register, and sitting them next to her in the car - At least I know which child will be prone to obsessive behaviors LOL For the healthy minded readers she is a stick figure of a child and other than the fatty breakfast she eats a ton of fruit and milk so she is not obese from her addiction LOL

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