Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Blog

So I have a very eclectic blog....I set it up when I initially got back into stamping to a) show off my stuff (yeah that happens a lot huh) and b) let family and friends who are too stubborn to join facebook/myspace (you know who you are LOL) to see pics of the kids.....I have noticed though that many have multiple blogs...so I pose a question to you - is my blog fine the way it is or should I break it apart as follows:

1) Family Blog - Invite only have kid pics and updates
2) Crafting blog - show off my creations (obviously this one will not be updated often hahahaha
3) The rest, my rants, my savings, general musings LOL

Let me know your thoughts!!!

Dont forget blog candy!!!! For every post you make since the 23rd, I will be entering you into a drawing for 3 copic markers!!! E51, E53, and E55!!! If you are drawn and dont want copics we will work something out LOL

Until Later!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Judging a book by its cover

Admit it - we have all done it! Made comments with the lady with 4 or 5 kids (this is me now btw...see what happens LOL) or commented on someone's makeup/hair or clothes. Guys you are not exempt either and I think you may be worse than us ladies LOL as you check out girls all the time (yes married guys we know you do it too LOL) and you are not kind when the girl is heavy or not blessed with good looks.

Judging a book by its cover, my recent experience - I left a bag of groceries at the commissary yesterday (see prior post)with 3 items in it - a whopping $5 worth, I called 5 minutes after closing and was told to come in anytime to get my items replaced....so i go in and went to the manager's office (apparently this was mistake #1)

Mr. Manager looked like a crotchety old man - and I apparently looked like a dumb thief LOL....unfortunately my experience with him did not change my initial view LOL....so he told me I needed to go to customer service to which I politely asked where it was - was it where they sold the medicines/razors and he then told me to hold on a sec and then he walked me over to gee the counter where they sold medicines/razors, on the way he asked how I could leave a bag, I told him I had one of my children with me and I apparently spun it and did not see it and the 5 minutes it took me to gather all my stuff and my child up at the front no good samaritan deemed it necessary to run it to me (as I have done many times (many, many times)for others, so I am assuming it is fairly common and did not really need to be asked.

He then told the girl behind the counter that I claimed to have left a bag and to check it - she pulled out a book and began looking - as she looked I told her I was in yesterday around 540ish. He then turns to me and says we are not liable for this and just because you say you left a bag behind that is your fault not ours so if we are not showing it we are not replacing it because we are not responsible nor liable. Many come in saying they left stuff when they did not - He then added "do you understand?" btw my blood was boiling a bit mind you at this point but the second "do you understand?" got me to a full boil...I am sure if I was a tea kettle my whistle would have been a blowin' LOL

I then turned to him and said first off I have a masters degree, I probably understand better than you, second, I am not trying to cheat the store, I just would like to get the items I left...he then said well most do not understand and they yell and try to come in and get free stuff....luckily by this point she found the entry with my stuff listed all 3 items - so he looked rather disappointed, said oh and told me to get my items. Luckily he was gone when I got back and the poor lady told me dont take it personally he is like that with everyone.

All I can say is wow!! Now I know why I have such a hard time using coupons in this store, and I feel sorry for all those poor people that probably did leave a bag and had a cashier that did not enter it in the log - so they then automatically became labeled as a thief.

This brings me back to my original topic - judging a book by its cover. I have been out and about in many different ways, skinny, fat, pregnant, with kids, without kids, with coupons, without coupons, dressed in business attire, and dressed comfy....I have to say you do truly get treated differently in different circumstances.

Coupons are frowned upon by many, why? I am not sure, it does take a few minutes more, but if my 2 minutes extra saves me $100 or more off my grocery bill - sorry you can cuss me out all you like LOL I will laugh all the way to my car as you pay full price and allow me to still get those good deals

Just because I have four kids does not mean I am on welfare....I work and I dress my kids nicely, although for some reason they will wear the clothes that look like I got them in a rummage bin over the nice gymbo or other items I have bought them, and if I look like I am dressed like I got out of a rummage bin, it is probably because I have been spit on at least once or twice that day and ran out of clothes LOL

So if nothing else to all the crotchety old men who think military wives are dumb, maybe you should stay home with 3 or 4 kids alone while any family or help is several states away while your spouse is gone for 6 months to a year. Let me know how dumb they are then. Hell you may want to give them a free bag of groceries then LOL

To the servers who think a family without kids will not tip - maybe you are getting bad tips because you are not giving them service because you judged them before even trying. Just a thought

To the skinny people who think fat people are gross - we were skinny too once so watch out LOL You will get that professional job and start sitting on your rear more, and get a few pounds here and there, marriage adds a few, and wow the baby weight. To the lucky ones who get the weight off kudos to you!! But if you have no baby and think you are in the clear - you better not drink cause guess what that can pack them on too!

overall we all do it - it sucks, we shouldnt, we will probably keep doing it, but next time you see someone, think for a moment - maybe that poor looking family at your table saved for months to eat in your fancy restaurant - they will be much more appreciative than the person there every week....The worn out lady in the grocery store dragging kids chewing thru packages (so have had this happen LOL) instead of making comments offer a smile....and finally if someone leaves a bag in a store dont be an ass just check the damn book and let her get her shit!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My real birthday!! Not so much fun LOL

so today is my true birthday and it was not as much fun LOL....I started the day with back pain (this is pretty much every day but today was one of the more painful days!) and then I cooked breakfast and we began the great room transfer.

Currently #1 & #2 roomed together #3 was on her own and #4 was with us! Well we figure #3 is too young and would not make a good roomate for #4 so we moved #2 and #3 together and #1 and #4....#1 is LOVING this by the way LOL she thinks she has her own room and is reveling in it! The others seem to like it as well but OMG the toys...they are so not getting any toys this year from me hahahaha (I know I will cave but I can pretend)

In between all this I got autumns bag packed with her supplies tomorrow and started on the mountains (so not an exaggeration with a family of 7) of laundry!!

I then ran to the grocery store where I bought all the ingredients to make my yummy italian (turkey) sausage and pasta with sauteed bell peppers and got home, got the peppers sauteeing, water boiling, was about to pop the sausages on the grill and realized I left the sausages and my garlic bread at the grocery store that closed 5 minutes prior LOL sooooo it was a subway night hahahaha

Overall a busy but rewarding day, since we got tons done!!!

Now it is time to ready for a short week at work cause the deer lands on Thursday Wooohoooo

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

The big 32 on the 23rd!!! I have decided this year I am reversing my age (last time I can do this until 42 feasibly LOL) and I am 23 this year!!!! Ignore the 32 on the birthday cake that is just a joke (hahaha)

My birthday actually started Last weekend!!! The Meade girls were over for a Luau and card swap and the sneaky girls brought me some presents and balloons!!!

Amanda Altered this gorgeous can which she FILLED with chocolate (that helps with the diet btw LOL) and her card was gorgeous!!!

DM and Kathi Had the same Idea and got me gift certificates for my Fave Stamp store Hambo!!! Monica Here I Come!!!!

Tracy - all I can say is WOW! She made me a gorgeous clipboard and had tons of goodies for me!!!

Mary got me a Michaels Gift card and tons of cool goodies!!!

Kimme strayed from scrapping and got me some smelly good items from bath and body!!!

Cindy (not Cheryl LOL) got me the cute stamps below and paper pads and I LOVE the stamp she used for this card!!

Loretta got me this cute stamp set and Spellbinders dies

Jeaneen (sp. right I think LOL) got me some yummy pretzels and chocolate (yes they are eaten already LOL and a cool altered lunch box with samples from all the stampin up punches!!)

Overall a great day and Thank You Ladies!!!!! I hope they had as much fun at the swap as I did hosting it!!!
After they left - Hubby's present arrived, A brand new desktop computer in pink!!!! OMG the monitor is huge though It is so strange after being on a dark laptop for 6 years!!!!

Then we finally arrived to today!!! We started the day with the breakfast buffet, went and did a little shopping at the mall ($3 tees, and $1 socks at old navy and I had a 40% off for justice, and a $10 coupon for the new hannah montana move and scored $5 instant savings if I got the soundtrack too woohoooo Christmas presents are already coming in!), Then I got a great dinner at Maiwand and we came home to cake and more presents!!!

Mom made this gorgeous cake and it was YUMMY!!! No more commissary cakes for me as I believe they got rid of their excellent baker cause my last cake for Dan's birthday was very dry and had several flaws!!

Mom is also getting into card making and made this cute card for me!!

Here are my presents from the fam! Amanda Loved the singing bear and we had to listen to him sing the entire time we ate cake LOL (over and over and over and over - get the idea??)

Dan got me this awesome wooden figures, and the girls got me a singing bear, and mom got me my copics case and copics!!!!!

What a great birthday!!!! And to top it off I got the best card ever in the mail today from my best friend since I was 14! She is visiting me next week and I cant wait to see her!!! I miss you too Fawn or should I say Bambi LOL (long story sooo not going there)

Of course my "real" birthday tomorrow will not be so glamorous as I prepare Autumn for school Monday!! Lots of Laundry and school supply gathering (yes I stockpiled those too LOL)

So in honor of the big 32 or should I say 23 LOL I have some BLOG CANDY!!!!!! I found 3 duplicate copic markers E51, E53, and E55!!! Leave a post and I will choose a random winner on September 1st!!!! If you are a stranger or a strange person (yes this does apply to all my friends LOL) please leave your email so I can contact you!!

If you do not know what a copic is or do not care --- you can still post if you want...just put in you do not want in drawing!

until later!!!!

Kid Pic Update for Family and Friends from Afar!!

So tomorrow is my birthday and I had all the kids and my camera handy so here are some pics I managed to snag!!

As you can see autumn is going thru a grumpy stage LOL

Not even a grumpy tween can resist a cute baby though!!!

There is a real smile!!!

Finally a smile from Ali!

Amanda apparently has to be in every pic LOL

Boy I can tell we are going to be in trouble with this one!!!

Poor Amanda was tired of the flashes LOL

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Night at Old Navy!

It is coupon reset night at old navy - be sure to keep an eye on the hidden coupon page to catch a great coupon which is VERY handy right now with school shopping!!! You will know it is reset when the dates at the bottom reflect tomorrow - next Thursday's date.


A picture can say so much!!

Okay before you see the pic, let me just say this is exactly the face I have had in several photos lately LOL there is always one child acting out which creates this face....all I can say is I know how this poor cat feels!!! I got this thru one of those emails that flood our inboxes daily and whomever took it thank you - it gave me a great laugh!! So 4 must be the magical # to create this fact btw hahahaha

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bowling with the Family for daddy's bday!

Our latest excursion with everyone was for Dan's 33rd Birthday last week! We went bowling for the first part of the day, the girls had a blast and amanda would even clap for herself LOL

There are also some pics of Ashley I took while she swung away as I worked!

My latest cards

I had to make some cards this week for some Meade girls who were celebrating birthdays I waited til today to post since I had not given them to them yet LOL

For Michelle I parted with one of my faves my "if you've got it flaunt it" card using my Unity stamps and paper from one of my all time fave scrap companies October Afternoon

For Tracy's Card I used Hambo Stamps their cute hippo and saying (I love this company!) and some Stampin Up cardstock and Bo Bunny Paper

For Amanda's Card I used an adorable Penny Black Stamp and some Hambo Sayings....I used PP from Autumn Leaves and Stampin Up cardstock Inside her card it says Old LOL....anyhoo I love the way this one turned out...you cant tell from the pic but 2 flowers and 1 butterfly I cut out a second image and put it on pop dots.
I colored them all with colored pencils as my mother has my copics for my not so "surprise" birthday present LOL

Updating my blog

okay I have been very bad at keeping up my blog but I have been uber busy!!! I am working most evenings and on the ones I am not working I am clipping coupons or running errands. I occasionally manage to make a card which I will post my latest ones in the next entry.

Not much going on here, I am planning a luau/card swap at my house next Saturday with the Meade Girls, and then I will be celebrating the big 32 the following weekend with my fam, and then My best bud will be visiting me the following weekend......In the midst of this I will be running to 4 soccer practices a week, Autumn is starting school, and Dan will start working so a very busy August!!!

I know my blog is very all over the place LOL I have thought about having 3, 1 for family, 1 for cards, and 1 for my saving but as you can see I barely update this one regular so I will keep it at 1 for now so bear with the crap you dont want to see for awhile longer LOL Maybe soon I will split it up =0)