Monday, August 24, 2009

Judging a book by its cover

Admit it - we have all done it! Made comments with the lady with 4 or 5 kids (this is me now btw...see what happens LOL) or commented on someone's makeup/hair or clothes. Guys you are not exempt either and I think you may be worse than us ladies LOL as you check out girls all the time (yes married guys we know you do it too LOL) and you are not kind when the girl is heavy or not blessed with good looks.

Judging a book by its cover, my recent experience - I left a bag of groceries at the commissary yesterday (see prior post)with 3 items in it - a whopping $5 worth, I called 5 minutes after closing and was told to come in anytime to get my items i go in and went to the manager's office (apparently this was mistake #1)

Mr. Manager looked like a crotchety old man - and I apparently looked like a dumb thief LOL....unfortunately my experience with him did not change my initial view he told me I needed to go to customer service to which I politely asked where it was - was it where they sold the medicines/razors and he then told me to hold on a sec and then he walked me over to gee the counter where they sold medicines/razors, on the way he asked how I could leave a bag, I told him I had one of my children with me and I apparently spun it and did not see it and the 5 minutes it took me to gather all my stuff and my child up at the front no good samaritan deemed it necessary to run it to me (as I have done many times (many, many times)for others, so I am assuming it is fairly common and did not really need to be asked.

He then told the girl behind the counter that I claimed to have left a bag and to check it - she pulled out a book and began looking - as she looked I told her I was in yesterday around 540ish. He then turns to me and says we are not liable for this and just because you say you left a bag behind that is your fault not ours so if we are not showing it we are not replacing it because we are not responsible nor liable. Many come in saying they left stuff when they did not - He then added "do you understand?" btw my blood was boiling a bit mind you at this point but the second "do you understand?" got me to a full boil...I am sure if I was a tea kettle my whistle would have been a blowin' LOL

I then turned to him and said first off I have a masters degree, I probably understand better than you, second, I am not trying to cheat the store, I just would like to get the items I left...he then said well most do not understand and they yell and try to come in and get free stuff....luckily by this point she found the entry with my stuff listed all 3 items - so he looked rather disappointed, said oh and told me to get my items. Luckily he was gone when I got back and the poor lady told me dont take it personally he is like that with everyone.

All I can say is wow!! Now I know why I have such a hard time using coupons in this store, and I feel sorry for all those poor people that probably did leave a bag and had a cashier that did not enter it in the log - so they then automatically became labeled as a thief.

This brings me back to my original topic - judging a book by its cover. I have been out and about in many different ways, skinny, fat, pregnant, with kids, without kids, with coupons, without coupons, dressed in business attire, and dressed comfy....I have to say you do truly get treated differently in different circumstances.

Coupons are frowned upon by many, why? I am not sure, it does take a few minutes more, but if my 2 minutes extra saves me $100 or more off my grocery bill - sorry you can cuss me out all you like LOL I will laugh all the way to my car as you pay full price and allow me to still get those good deals

Just because I have four kids does not mean I am on welfare....I work and I dress my kids nicely, although for some reason they will wear the clothes that look like I got them in a rummage bin over the nice gymbo or other items I have bought them, and if I look like I am dressed like I got out of a rummage bin, it is probably because I have been spit on at least once or twice that day and ran out of clothes LOL

So if nothing else to all the crotchety old men who think military wives are dumb, maybe you should stay home with 3 or 4 kids alone while any family or help is several states away while your spouse is gone for 6 months to a year. Let me know how dumb they are then. Hell you may want to give them a free bag of groceries then LOL

To the servers who think a family without kids will not tip - maybe you are getting bad tips because you are not giving them service because you judged them before even trying. Just a thought

To the skinny people who think fat people are gross - we were skinny too once so watch out LOL You will get that professional job and start sitting on your rear more, and get a few pounds here and there, marriage adds a few, and wow the baby weight. To the lucky ones who get the weight off kudos to you!! But if you have no baby and think you are in the clear - you better not drink cause guess what that can pack them on too!

overall we all do it - it sucks, we shouldnt, we will probably keep doing it, but next time you see someone, think for a moment - maybe that poor looking family at your table saved for months to eat in your fancy restaurant - they will be much more appreciative than the person there every week....The worn out lady in the grocery store dragging kids chewing thru packages (so have had this happen LOL) instead of making comments offer a smile....and finally if someone leaves a bag in a store dont be an ass just check the damn book and let her get her shit!!!


CindyL said...

OMG!!! I cannot believe what a jerk that guy was. I'm so sorry you had to deal with this. But I so love your perspective on it all. Good for you for showing us to look deeper into things and not judge at first sight.

Silly Stamper said...

Stacy- I'm sorry about your experience. That stinks. You're absolutely right! I hope today is better!

Fawn said...


And btw, it is very easy to leave things in those stupid turn style grocery bag thingys. I have done it at Wal-Mart, and I know many a people that have done it. Heck, I have left stuff at the grocery store that doesn't have those thingys. And honestly, if someone needed to come in and act like they left something to steal 3 items....maybe they are hungry and need it. What every happened to being humane?

lol - preach it sista!

Christine said...

You said it!!!! Sorry you had to go thru that :( How dare he!

Mary G. said...

What a jerk that guy was!! Sorry you had to go through that!! Great post, though! It should have everyone thinking now! :)

Loretta Rodger said...

Stacy, sounds like the same old butt that has been the manager at the co-missary for years. I love your prespective. I'm a coupon clipping mom and proud of it. Sorry you have stuff to do!

Last week after my nearly $200 (after coupons) trip, I was holding a newborn for a mom behind me so she could just survive putting a few things on the belt. The lady in front of me was arguing the price of juice with the coupons, darn it, just buy the juice it should be that hard!

Hope your next trip is much better!

Kathi said...

Well said Stacy! I'm sorry you were treated so badly by that grumpy old man! I did the same thing last week at Food Lion but my experience was so much better! I called, they said they had my bag and my son went up and got it, no problem at all! You should have been treated the same!