Friday, August 7, 2009

Updating my blog

okay I have been very bad at keeping up my blog but I have been uber busy!!! I am working most evenings and on the ones I am not working I am clipping coupons or running errands. I occasionally manage to make a card which I will post my latest ones in the next entry.

Not much going on here, I am planning a luau/card swap at my house next Saturday with the Meade Girls, and then I will be celebrating the big 32 the following weekend with my fam, and then My best bud will be visiting me the following weekend......In the midst of this I will be running to 4 soccer practices a week, Autumn is starting school, and Dan will start working so a very busy August!!!

I know my blog is very all over the place LOL I have thought about having 3, 1 for family, 1 for cards, and 1 for my saving but as you can see I barely update this one regular so I will keep it at 1 for now so bear with the crap you dont want to see for awhile longer LOL Maybe soon I will split it up =0)

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