Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

The big 32 on the 23rd!!! I have decided this year I am reversing my age (last time I can do this until 42 feasibly LOL) and I am 23 this year!!!! Ignore the 32 on the birthday cake that is just a joke (hahaha)

My birthday actually started Last weekend!!! The Meade girls were over for a Luau and card swap and the sneaky girls brought me some presents and balloons!!!

Amanda Altered this gorgeous can which she FILLED with chocolate (that helps with the diet btw LOL) and her card was gorgeous!!!

DM and Kathi Had the same Idea and got me gift certificates for my Fave Stamp store Hambo!!! Monica Here I Come!!!!

Tracy - all I can say is WOW! She made me a gorgeous clipboard and had tons of goodies for me!!!

Mary got me a Michaels Gift card and tons of cool goodies!!!

Kimme strayed from scrapping and got me some smelly good items from bath and body!!!

Cindy (not Cheryl LOL) got me the cute stamps below and paper pads and I LOVE the stamp she used for this card!!

Loretta got me this cute stamp set and Spellbinders dies

Jeaneen (sp. right I think LOL) got me some yummy pretzels and chocolate (yes they are eaten already LOL and a cool altered lunch box with samples from all the stampin up punches!!)

Overall a great day and Thank You Ladies!!!!! I hope they had as much fun at the swap as I did hosting it!!!
After they left - Hubby's present arrived, A brand new desktop computer in pink!!!! OMG the monitor is huge though It is so strange after being on a dark laptop for 6 years!!!!

Then we finally arrived to today!!! We started the day with the breakfast buffet, went and did a little shopping at the mall ($3 tees, and $1 socks at old navy and I had a 40% off for justice, and a $10 coupon for the new hannah montana move and scored $5 instant savings if I got the soundtrack too woohoooo Christmas presents are already coming in!), Then I got a great dinner at Maiwand and we came home to cake and more presents!!!

Mom made this gorgeous cake and it was YUMMY!!! No more commissary cakes for me as I believe they got rid of their excellent baker cause my last cake for Dan's birthday was very dry and had several flaws!!

Mom is also getting into card making and made this cute card for me!!

Here are my presents from the fam! Amanda Loved the singing bear and we had to listen to him sing the entire time we ate cake LOL (over and over and over and over - get the idea??)

Dan got me this awesome wooden figures, and the girls got me a singing bear, and mom got me my copics case and copics!!!!!

What a great birthday!!!! And to top it off I got the best card ever in the mail today from my best friend since I was 14! She is visiting me next week and I cant wait to see her!!! I miss you too Fawn or should I say Bambi LOL (long story sooo not going there)

Of course my "real" birthday tomorrow will not be so glamorous as I prepare Autumn for school Monday!! Lots of Laundry and school supply gathering (yes I stockpiled those too LOL)

So in honor of the big 32 or should I say 23 LOL I have some BLOG CANDY!!!!!! I found 3 duplicate copic markers E51, E53, and E55!!! Leave a post and I will choose a random winner on September 1st!!!! If you are a stranger or a strange person (yes this does apply to all my friends LOL) please leave your email so I can contact you!!

If you do not know what a copic is or do not care --- you can still post if you want...just put in you do not want in drawing!

until later!!!!


Mary G. said...

Wow, you've had a wonderful birthday!! Nana did a fabulous job on your cake! I'm glad you enjoyed your Meade Girls' birthday surprise last weekend and I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow, too!!

CindyL said...

Sounds like you had an awesome b-day! Amanda sounds like my mom with the singing bear - Mom does that to us when there is any type of musical animal in the house. LOL Had a great time at the Meade event last weekend! Glad we could surprise ya! Happy B-day tomorrow!

Amanda said...

Hope you like your copic box. Your Mom was so happy about it she is such a nice Lady.

harrahx2 said...

Belated Happy Birthday Stacy. Sorry I couldn't make the party. From the pictures, it looks like you had a wonderful time. Your girls are quite beautiful.

Fawn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like you had a busy last coulpe weeks. Well I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I can't wait to see you Thursday!

Stamp Maryland said...

Sounds like you had an awesome birthday.