Sunday, August 23, 2009

My real birthday!! Not so much fun LOL

so today is my true birthday and it was not as much fun LOL....I started the day with back pain (this is pretty much every day but today was one of the more painful days!) and then I cooked breakfast and we began the great room transfer.

Currently #1 & #2 roomed together #3 was on her own and #4 was with us! Well we figure #3 is too young and would not make a good roomate for #4 so we moved #2 and #3 together and #1 and #4....#1 is LOVING this by the way LOL she thinks she has her own room and is reveling in it! The others seem to like it as well but OMG the toys...they are so not getting any toys this year from me hahahaha (I know I will cave but I can pretend)

In between all this I got autumns bag packed with her supplies tomorrow and started on the mountains (so not an exaggeration with a family of 7) of laundry!!

I then ran to the grocery store where I bought all the ingredients to make my yummy italian (turkey) sausage and pasta with sauteed bell peppers and got home, got the peppers sauteeing, water boiling, was about to pop the sausages on the grill and realized I left the sausages and my garlic bread at the grocery store that closed 5 minutes prior LOL sooooo it was a subway night hahahaha

Overall a busy but rewarding day, since we got tons done!!!

Now it is time to ready for a short week at work cause the deer lands on Thursday Wooohoooo


Silly Stamper said...

Oh Crap! Happy Belated Birthday Stacy. I don't know where the month went. We'll have to have a celebration. I hope you enjoyed your Subway.

Fawn said...

Hey, Deer don't fly. =)

I am so excited. See you then....hmm, if I don't get lost.

Stacy said...

Hi Michelle!!! my subway was actually very yummy - I LOVE their flat bread sandwiches!!!

Fawn - dont tempt me to get creative LOL also if you get lost I am allowed to make fun of you for the next 50 years!