Monday, November 30, 2009

Quick Update

So lots has been going on - tons to update but here is a quick recap to let you know how our past week has gone LOL (think in tune to 12 days of xmas to get in the christmas mood!)

12 days of work to catch up on
11 pounds of ham
10 lbs of potatoes
9 different dishes to try
8 months to lose weight gained
7 sick family members
6 long days a coughin
5 wonderful days with grandma
4 days of shopping
3 Strep Throats
2 ear infections
and 1 crazy mom

I will hopefully be recuperated (I am one of the ones with strep lol) and caught up at work at some point this week and I will post pics from Grandma Donna's visit and out "attempt" to get photos taken.....needless to say I will be going back LOL

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brag Time!!!

So not the best deal I ever did but not bad at all!!!

10 bottles of Snuggle, 2 bags of choc. chips, 1 gallon of milk, 2 bags of marshmellows, 1 pack of bottle waters (24 count not in pic), 5 lb bag of sugar, and a tub of butter...grand total after coupons ----- $13.30 wooohooooo

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Questions Answered

I get so many random questions that are primarily due to the fact I have 4 kids!

Are you Catholic?
Are you mormon?
Do you know what causes it?
Are you Superwoman?
How do you do all you do?

answers - no, no, yes, no, no clue LOL

I love to sleep but apparently I can survive on tons of coffee and little sleep. I work normal hours 8-5, I work thru my lunch hour 95% of the time; during this time, mom and hubby watch the kids - except for those rare occasions when I am left with all 4 (like today) and everyone is calling and they are all screaming LOL. I stop at 5, feed them, run them to their activities like soccer and girl scouts and school events, and then strive to get them in bed by 8 or 8:30....typically back to work at 9 to keep on top of things and I usually head to bed at midnight.

What do you do on your time off?

Hmm, well I am not sure I have much of that LOL but I love to make cards/scrapbook but I do that one evening a month if I am lucky, it is more like one evening a quarter. I love to read, but again maybe one book every 6 months if I am lucky - or if I have a business trip I read about 5 while waiting on flights. I enjoy couponing and I am soooo behind, I am hoping I can get caught up with them soon so I can start saving money again!!! So really on the few minutes I get free, I surf the web, pay bills, balance my checkbook, try to scout out any good deals, and post to my blog (which we all know is not very often LOL)

The weekends are my catch up time...running errands I cant get to during the week, like grocery shopping, and cleaning. Laundry also can take a day --- who knew 7 people could generate sooooo much laundry!!!

Okay well that is it for the all about me segment =0) I am waiting on a report to drop so I figure I would post a random ramble for your reading pleasure LOL

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ali's Soccer Banquet

Ali had her soccer banquet tonight, she is very proud of her trophy! Dan is coaching Autumn's team and they had a game tonght - so Nana, Amanda, Ashley, Alison and I went to her banquet. It was at Cici's and they all had a good time! Of course I came home to find poor Dan and Autumn waiting outside in his car since he apparently forgot to grab a house key LOL

In the couponing/savings news...Visa Print has some GREAT freebie deals! I got some adorable family return address labels with little custom caricatures (so misspelled that word) of the family!! I also got a free car magnet/Stamp/Business Cards for scentsy!! You do have to pay a small fee for ship and handling but for what you get - it is totally worth it!!! Deal ends soon though so go check it out!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Pics!!!

So I am on a roll! A post a month LOL

Lets see what has happened in the past month! Lots of running the girls to soccer and school. Tons of work at my job so I have been very busy there. Dan's schedule has been all over the place so that has been fun! Ashley started crawling two weeks ago and a day later decided that was not good enough and is standing already at 7 months!!

We had a very busy halloween, Autumn was a vampire, Alison was Cinderella, Amanda was tinkerbell, and Ashley was the cutest flower ever. Daddy mentioned Ashleys' costume being cruel and unusual punishment LOL but she was adorable!!!!
Autumn trying to look scary!
Alison definitely let the Princess costume go to her head LOL she thinks she is now a princess!!
Amanda was perfect as Tinkerbell - very Mischevious!
while trick or treating amanda had to eat her candy as she went along LOL - she would only want to go to a house when she ran out!
Overall a super busy month...I have not even really worked with my coupons, have not made much with my scrap stuff...Mainly just worked and focused on the kids!
Hopefully next year I become a better blogger, hmmmm do I smell a new year's resolution?