Thursday, November 5, 2009

Questions Answered

I get so many random questions that are primarily due to the fact I have 4 kids!

Are you Catholic?
Are you mormon?
Do you know what causes it?
Are you Superwoman?
How do you do all you do?

answers - no, no, yes, no, no clue LOL

I love to sleep but apparently I can survive on tons of coffee and little sleep. I work normal hours 8-5, I work thru my lunch hour 95% of the time; during this time, mom and hubby watch the kids - except for those rare occasions when I am left with all 4 (like today) and everyone is calling and they are all screaming LOL. I stop at 5, feed them, run them to their activities like soccer and girl scouts and school events, and then strive to get them in bed by 8 or 8:30....typically back to work at 9 to keep on top of things and I usually head to bed at midnight.

What do you do on your time off?

Hmm, well I am not sure I have much of that LOL but I love to make cards/scrapbook but I do that one evening a month if I am lucky, it is more like one evening a quarter. I love to read, but again maybe one book every 6 months if I am lucky - or if I have a business trip I read about 5 while waiting on flights. I enjoy couponing and I am soooo behind, I am hoping I can get caught up with them soon so I can start saving money again!!! So really on the few minutes I get free, I surf the web, pay bills, balance my checkbook, try to scout out any good deals, and post to my blog (which we all know is not very often LOL)

The weekends are my catch up time...running errands I cant get to during the week, like grocery shopping, and cleaning. Laundry also can take a day --- who knew 7 people could generate sooooo much laundry!!!

Okay well that is it for the all about me segment =0) I am waiting on a report to drop so I figure I would post a random ramble for your reading pleasure LOL


Anonymous said...

Very glad you posted this because just yesterday I got asked a question and was told I am fake because I remain so happy....said I hide how I feel and that the person that said this dosen't think a mother can take care of 4 children and be sane. I replied "when you have 100% support from a loving husband/family anything is possible" that and well Pepsi is an amazing drug ;) You go Stacy!

Stacy said...

has she seen that tlc show with the 19 kids...although I do doubt her sanity LOL

You can be sane just slightly frazzled (especially with 2 year olds!!!!!)