Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How do cook your hot dogs???

When I cook hotdogs I think of the following:
  • grilling (mmmm I love them blackened)
  • indoor grill
  • nuking them in the microwave
  • frying them in a fry pan
  • boiling them

My mother came up with a new way yesterday - she tried to deep fry one or flambe one in this case LOL I smelled an odd smell and could not figure out what it was as i walked into the kitchen and saw the fry pan I had just gotten out the words "why do you have out the fry pan to cook those" and Whooooosh...mom had tossed in a hot dog and the flames shot straight up and filled my stove and up into the hood -pretty scary when you have a gas stove!! Turns out she had taken my small fry pan filled it with oil and got that hot and I guess was setting out to deep fry them. She fried it all right LOL Needless to say we got the indoor grill out and taught my mother how to cook a hot dog!!!

So I have to ask has anyone else ever deep fried a hot dog??

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ribbon Outlet Trip!!!

I took last Thursday off just so I could go to the ribbon outlet finally!!!! The ladies here keep going and posting on their blogs all their goodies so I finally managed to go on an excursion!!! I took my little one Ashley and Tracy and Amanda picked me up and off we went!!! We got there early - we had our timing all messed up for when we were supposed to meet the other ladies and we browsed for quite awhile.

It is surprising we made it early with our search for a bathroom LOL we have decided the town the ribbon outlet is in, is very unfriendly. Every single restroom was for employees or locked!!! We finally found one and then we were able to go to the outlet and really enjoy ourselves! I came home with 3 HUGE bags full of bows, curling ribbon, and ribbon for the cards and pages I am going to make! Then we went for a yummy lunch at Cracker Barrel, which is a luxury since there are none close! Sometimes you just need a big ole plate of comfort food!!!

I then came home and worked hahahaha I apparently suck at taking vacation as I worked both days I took off!!! It is end of month and the close of a fiscal year so it is busy, busy!

We have had tons going on with Dans' Sister visiting, his cousin dropped by, Scentsy party, and just the general hectic life of working full time and juggling 4 kids and Nana!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kids today!!

The latest rant (aka bitch) is about kids on base!! I am amazed how these kids act! I thought the girl that just would walk in, ask 50 questions, nearly broke my tv with the wii mote, and I would have to beg her to go home was bad but now I am begging my daughter to go play with her LOL She was playing with a boy and girl tonight and they came in several times for water. Well on the 3rd water break the boy stayed in the house. So when I realized it was just him in the house (he was playing with my paper trimmer) I told him the other kids were outside and he should join them (this was apparently too nice) This kid then went over my kid gate to my living room and started walking around, next thing I know he goes up my stairs...so I promptly call dan to come down. He comes down and this kid actually tried to go up past him LOL Dan stopped that and the kid finally went out!

Well on the 4th water break he moved in again and would not leave....again he tried to go upstairs he ran around basically made himself at home and ignored my subtle hint to go join the other kids. I finally got him to go when i told him it was time for dinner and he asked if I wanted him to leave LOL I was Like YES!

So here is my question what the hell is going on for kids to be raised thinking it is okay to go into a stranger's house and go upstairs and all around when the kid they are playing with is not even in the house!!!! I was and still am in complete shock. Just when I think nothing can shock me something does. Turns out my eldest barely knows the kid and I laid down the law at dinner. I am going to have to get tougher, so much for being nice LOL The only thing I can think of is that a lot of the people around me do not turn on their Air cause we have to pay for electric based off a baseline (these same people are why I have to pay a bill cause they are lowering the baseline by not using air) so I can only assume us having the house cool is why he would not leave! Regardless I am in shock!

Wow My Ritz Camera Mistake!!!

What was my mistake? Ordering from them! I saw that they had scrapbook items on sale and when I went to their site I saw $20 off $100 if you check out thru Paypal, a coupon code for 5% off, and you get Free ship over $100 and no tax!! This made an awesome deal for copic markers! So I picked out 22 markers which came to $107, got 5% off, which had me still over $100 so I qualified for free ship and no tax so when I checked out I got my $20 off so I paid $81 thru paypal, all is well and good right? WRONG!!!!

10 minutes later I get my order confirmation with a total of $99! So I call but of course on a Sunday evening nobody answers, so Monday morning at 8 am I call and speak to "john" who obviously read the name off of an index card LOL and he informs me that the $99 is right because once the $20 was taken off I was under $100 and therefore shipping charges were tacked back on. Here is the quirky thing the marker price was adjusted to $3.98 rather than the $4.75 I paid originally so they took the $20 and spread it out over the markers and adjusted each price down. So when I said that to him, he was like oh no Paypal takes off the $20 that is from them, so I came back with well then I was over the $100 threshold for free shipping because my total was $107. So he tries explaining all over again how $100-$20 is less than $100 so I tell him just cancel my order please which he does and says he will have a supervisor call me.

So Tuesday afternoon, no call from the supervisor btw, and my $81 is still out of my paypal account so I call again and "Brad" tries to do the $100-$20 ordeal and I am like look just explain to me why my money is still showing out and he is like well your order is out for shipment - I am like how is that possible when I Cancelled it yesterday morning.

So he assures me he will get it re-routed back to them and credit me, but this is after he tries to explain 15 more times $100-$20 is less than $100 - at this point I am like honestly I understand what you are trying to say but listen to what I AM SAYING...I checked out through your system and paid $81 and then get an email saying $99 I called to find out if the $81 was right or the $99 and get this whole run down. I still have not had my question answered as to why the difference but in case I did not know before $100 - $20 is $80, that is what I got out of the experience LOL Oh and in case you were wondering their site still says Spend $100 and get $20 and free ship and no tax, I guess it should say spend $120?? I may have been fine to let it go since technically I only paid $81 but I could just see them doing a COD or trying to charge my card for the difference which is what the guy alluded to, that when they shipped they would have charged me $99.

Needless to say not a good deal on copics and there are sites out there that sell them for $4.25, with free shipping and NO HASSLE.

If you gain anything from this rant NEVER EVER order from Ritz or if you do watch your statement carefully! I would not be shocked at all if they try to charge me for more

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ford's Folley

So my hubby is out putting my spare on so we can take my car to the Ford dealership (2nd time this week) due to a valve stem issue!!! I had a flat a couple of months back had the valve stem fixed then, well Saturday at Baltimore another went flat (valve stem again) and got a letter that same day from Ford, apparently I am not the only one with this issue....so we take it to Ford who checks them (5 days ago btw) and they are all fine (did i mention 5 days ago) and tries HARD to sell me new tires - I should note here that my car has 28,000 miles on it. Apparently Ford put some crappy inferior tires on my car and of course the warranty does not cover them. So here I sit with another flat and another late night run to Ford to drop off my car so they can make yet another repair to a valve stem.

I actually emailed ford to let them know a) i was having the valve stem issues and b) the issue I was having with my tires wearing down too fast...the dealership thought I had used tires on my car. I got a letter back that said pretty much what do you want us to do about it. Well maybe put better parts on your car would be a great start. Anyhoo thats my vent....if you go to buy a ford check the tires out! I know after this experience I will most likely be checking Chevy/GM out.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Howdy Ya'll

Sorry it has been a bit since my last post!!! Not much going on here, getting into the swing of things at work (maternity leave is over!), Soccer has wrapped up, School finished yesterday for Autumn, and I am still couponing and stamping (buying more than creating unfortunately LOL).

I found several stamp companies I love but if you have an off sense of humor you have to check out Hambo Stamps!! I should be getting my order in any day now to find out quality but they are hilarious!

I am still couponing! Triples week at my off base store and last night I managed to get $343.21 in groceries for 35.91!!!! 89% savings woohooo Another $2 coupon is coming out for A1 with bonus bucks again, I am seeing another 20 bottles in my future LOL (With 4 kids that stuff disappears fast!) I am getting used to the comments now LOL I was at food lion last week getting 12 bottles of Kraft dressing, 2 things of sugar and some chicken on sale and the guy behind me was like that is a lot of Ranch. I usually just say the large family thing but as I told mom later I should have said when it is less than 20 cents for a bottle I wonder how many he would have gotten LOL Nothing beats the checker tracy and I had once at the commissary who sounded like Napolean Dynamite and kept saying "thats a lot of hot dogs" what do you do with all those hot dogs hahahahaha note: we only got 6 packs each and they were 50 cents a pack, I should have gotten more but my freezer is truly bursting at the seams right now. I would love to have a second deep freeze - one for veggies and misc. and one for meat!

Anyhoo my sister in law is visiting but she is currently in New York City the lucky duck!! I cant wait to pop up there to see the sites. She will be back tonight so it may be a bit until my next update as I will be entertaining!!! Hope everyone is doing great!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

June brings Liberty to Scentsy!!!

Scentsy's warmer of the month is Liberty for June. I absolutely LOVE this warmer!!!