Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How do cook your hot dogs???

When I cook hotdogs I think of the following:
  • grilling (mmmm I love them blackened)
  • indoor grill
  • nuking them in the microwave
  • frying them in a fry pan
  • boiling them

My mother came up with a new way yesterday - she tried to deep fry one or flambe one in this case LOL I smelled an odd smell and could not figure out what it was as i walked into the kitchen and saw the fry pan I had just gotten out the words "why do you have out the fry pan to cook those" and Whooooosh...mom had tossed in a hot dog and the flames shot straight up and filled my stove and up into the hood -pretty scary when you have a gas stove!! Turns out she had taken my small fry pan filled it with oil and got that hot and I guess was setting out to deep fry them. She fried it all right LOL Needless to say we got the indoor grill out and taught my mother how to cook a hot dog!!!

So I have to ask has anyone else ever deep fried a hot dog??


Mary G. said...

Ann's Dairy Cream on Ritchie Hwy. sells THE best deep fried hot dogs!! So, to answer your question- yes, there are those who deep fry them!! :)

Fawn said...

Well my fav is grilled. However, hubby cooks them in the microwave and they aren't too bad that way either. I have to admit though, I have never heard of a deep fried hotdog. Wow.