Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kids today!!

The latest rant (aka bitch) is about kids on base!! I am amazed how these kids act! I thought the girl that just would walk in, ask 50 questions, nearly broke my tv with the wii mote, and I would have to beg her to go home was bad but now I am begging my daughter to go play with her LOL She was playing with a boy and girl tonight and they came in several times for water. Well on the 3rd water break the boy stayed in the house. So when I realized it was just him in the house (he was playing with my paper trimmer) I told him the other kids were outside and he should join them (this was apparently too nice) This kid then went over my kid gate to my living room and started walking around, next thing I know he goes up my stairs...so I promptly call dan to come down. He comes down and this kid actually tried to go up past him LOL Dan stopped that and the kid finally went out!

Well on the 4th water break he moved in again and would not leave....again he tried to go upstairs he ran around basically made himself at home and ignored my subtle hint to go join the other kids. I finally got him to go when i told him it was time for dinner and he asked if I wanted him to leave LOL I was Like YES!

So here is my question what the hell is going on for kids to be raised thinking it is okay to go into a stranger's house and go upstairs and all around when the kid they are playing with is not even in the house!!!! I was and still am in complete shock. Just when I think nothing can shock me something does. Turns out my eldest barely knows the kid and I laid down the law at dinner. I am going to have to get tougher, so much for being nice LOL The only thing I can think of is that a lot of the people around me do not turn on their Air cause we have to pay for electric based off a baseline (these same people are why I have to pay a bill cause they are lowering the baseline by not using air) so I can only assume us having the house cool is why he would not leave! Regardless I am in shock!

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Silly Stamper said...

Poor Stacy. I'm so sorry. I think I would have had to tell that kid OFF! So sorry!