Thursday, June 11, 2009

Howdy Ya'll

Sorry it has been a bit since my last post!!! Not much going on here, getting into the swing of things at work (maternity leave is over!), Soccer has wrapped up, School finished yesterday for Autumn, and I am still couponing and stamping (buying more than creating unfortunately LOL).

I found several stamp companies I love but if you have an off sense of humor you have to check out Hambo Stamps!! I should be getting my order in any day now to find out quality but they are hilarious!

I am still couponing! Triples week at my off base store and last night I managed to get $343.21 in groceries for 35.91!!!! 89% savings woohooo Another $2 coupon is coming out for A1 with bonus bucks again, I am seeing another 20 bottles in my future LOL (With 4 kids that stuff disappears fast!) I am getting used to the comments now LOL I was at food lion last week getting 12 bottles of Kraft dressing, 2 things of sugar and some chicken on sale and the guy behind me was like that is a lot of Ranch. I usually just say the large family thing but as I told mom later I should have said when it is less than 20 cents for a bottle I wonder how many he would have gotten LOL Nothing beats the checker tracy and I had once at the commissary who sounded like Napolean Dynamite and kept saying "thats a lot of hot dogs" what do you do with all those hot dogs hahahahaha note: we only got 6 packs each and they were 50 cents a pack, I should have gotten more but my freezer is truly bursting at the seams right now. I would love to have a second deep freeze - one for veggies and misc. and one for meat!

Anyhoo my sister in law is visiting but she is currently in New York City the lucky duck!! I cant wait to pop up there to see the sites. She will be back tonight so it may be a bit until my next update as I will be entertaining!!! Hope everyone is doing great!!!

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