Monday, June 29, 2009

Ribbon Outlet Trip!!!

I took last Thursday off just so I could go to the ribbon outlet finally!!!! The ladies here keep going and posting on their blogs all their goodies so I finally managed to go on an excursion!!! I took my little one Ashley and Tracy and Amanda picked me up and off we went!!! We got there early - we had our timing all messed up for when we were supposed to meet the other ladies and we browsed for quite awhile.

It is surprising we made it early with our search for a bathroom LOL we have decided the town the ribbon outlet is in, is very unfriendly. Every single restroom was for employees or locked!!! We finally found one and then we were able to go to the outlet and really enjoy ourselves! I came home with 3 HUGE bags full of bows, curling ribbon, and ribbon for the cards and pages I am going to make! Then we went for a yummy lunch at Cracker Barrel, which is a luxury since there are none close! Sometimes you just need a big ole plate of comfort food!!!

I then came home and worked hahahaha I apparently suck at taking vacation as I worked both days I took off!!! It is end of month and the close of a fiscal year so it is busy, busy!

We have had tons going on with Dans' Sister visiting, his cousin dropped by, Scentsy party, and just the general hectic life of working full time and juggling 4 kids and Nana!

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