Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ford's Folley

So my hubby is out putting my spare on so we can take my car to the Ford dealership (2nd time this week) due to a valve stem issue!!! I had a flat a couple of months back had the valve stem fixed then, well Saturday at Baltimore another went flat (valve stem again) and got a letter that same day from Ford, apparently I am not the only one with this we take it to Ford who checks them (5 days ago btw) and they are all fine (did i mention 5 days ago) and tries HARD to sell me new tires - I should note here that my car has 28,000 miles on it. Apparently Ford put some crappy inferior tires on my car and of course the warranty does not cover them. So here I sit with another flat and another late night run to Ford to drop off my car so they can make yet another repair to a valve stem.

I actually emailed ford to let them know a) i was having the valve stem issues and b) the issue I was having with my tires wearing down too fast...the dealership thought I had used tires on my car. I got a letter back that said pretty much what do you want us to do about it. Well maybe put better parts on your car would be a great start. Anyhoo thats my vent....if you go to buy a ford check the tires out! I know after this experience I will most likely be checking Chevy/GM out.


Gina said...

I guess that is why my dad has always refused to own a ford! Even Donald wouldn't buy me an Explorer when we were looking at SUVs

Amanda said...

FORD....Found On Road Dead, FORD. Sorry your still having trouble! Ford has had this problem for a long time.