Friday, May 29, 2009

Card Swap Card

Whew! I finally finished my card and card kits for the swap tomorrow! Tomorrow is going to be busy busy with soccer for Ali and Autumn, getting ready for card swap and coming home after being gone all day (always bad LOL)

Here is my card! I used the Unity Stamp Set Hey Chick and some Stampin Up Cardstock and October Afternoon Patterned paper. I colored using colored pencils and accented with some stickles and bling and my 1 lonely prima LOL I am now regretting offloading so many prima's in PIF's! Here is my finished card and the inside:

Anyhoo I am headed to bed!!

I made a card - It's a Miracle!!!!

I have finally got a card made, amateurish at best but hey its a start LOL I figure if I can start doing these fairly regularly I might get to an acceptable level to keep up with the Meade ladies - and let me tell you I will NEVER be at their level, they are all awesome! I definitely have a wonderful group of ladies to try to learn from!
I actually like this card, even though it is simple, Iam finally happy with my coloring (my last 2 have been sad to say the least, can I say dirty pigeon and neon cupcakes LOL) and I love these stamps!
My supplies used were: Basic Grey Patterned Paper, Stampin Up Cardstock, Prima Flowers, Stamin up Heart & Home Stamp, Unity Kit of the Month Cottage Stamp, some ric-rac ribbon and voila. I used copics to color and pop glue dots for the saying.
I have to make a card this evening and do 10 card kits for tomorrow for a card swap (nothing like last minute LOL) so I will have a new card to post this weekend!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to work I go!

I started back to work this week, I am hoping this shakes off the lazy tater I was turning into and reverts me back to the person that can do 5 things at once and not blink an eye! I got quite a bit done but I have to say I did not accomplish near what I wanted to! The girls room is still not decorated and my pictures are still stacked under my scrap table LOL I did get to spend some quality time with all my girls though which is the whole point of maternity leave so I cannot count it as a total failure!!!

I started this blog to keep family updated and to show off some cards/scrapbook pages - I am going to try my best to start doing the latter!! I am going to a card swap Saturday and one in July so if nothing else that will motivate me to try to make a card monthly LOL I am actually waaaay behind, I have about 10 Thank You Cards to make so maybe I will feel the creative juices flowing and finally knock those out!!!

Other than that we all have the sniffles and sore throats so I have the Scentsy Eucalyptus going in nearly every room LOL Hope all is well with everyone and I will post some pics soon of the kids and hopefully a card finally!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog Update

I have updated my blog for the past few weeks so be sure to read down several entries to catch up!!!

Also I am placing a pampered chef order this week - it is the last chance to grab those special pink items for "help whip cancer" month. If you are interested in anything, let me know!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Poker Night!

We had some friends visit from VA and we had a poker night and went to the DC 101's Chili Cook Off and concert with Shinedown, Papa Roach, Offspring, 3rd eye blind, red jumpsuit, and I feel like I am forgetting somebody LOL We had a great weekend and it was great seeing them again!!

I had forgotten all my glasses and shot glasses got left in CA (thanks packers for forgetting that cabinet) so Gina found a new use for my Pampered Chef items - did you know you can drink a Jager bomb out of one of the simple additions mugs LOL Let me know if you want to order one!

Poker night was a blast I actually won some really good hands but Donald (our buddy from VA) ended up winning! I also got to see some people we knew from CA and meet some new people my hubby met here while he was handing out those towels at the gym LOL

I dont have any good pics from the concert they are on cell phones....I am probably going to end up posting what we do have on facebook though or stealing Gina's pics LOL Other than that the concert was definitely an experiencing with the rain, the crowd surfing, the flashing, the herbal remedies, the trash, and did I mention chili? I ended up with a lovely sunburn due to forgetting my sunscreen at home but Gina chased down an older couple and they hooked me up with some ancient sunscreen which I hope minimized some of the further damage. overall an interesting time and to you parents with teenagers at the concert kudos to you for taking your kids to something you probably hated - I can only hope I am that cool in a few years, although I fear my eldest will be one of the first to hop in for the crowd surfing!

Bamm Bamm's Shoes

I took Amanda aka bamm-bamm shopping at the crocs store (only shoes that fit her hobbitt feet - I think we should have named her frodo LOL) at our awesome mall the other day and I found the perfect accessory LOL they are called Jibbitz but take a look hahahaha her hair is always like Pebbles and She acts Like Bamm-Bamm...It could not have been more perfect!!

Darrell's Visit

My father-in-law Darrell visited us recently to see our new addition (Ashley). Here is some pics of his visit. It was great seeing him again and the girls really enjoyed his visit! He got to go to autumn's soccer game, spend some WoW time with the girls and Dan (I really should have took a pic of the girls watching them play - and they were enjoying it!), and just chill with our crazy crew! I think he fully understands why we call Amanda Bamm-Bamm now though LOL We miss you and cant wait for your next visit!!

Saving Money!!

Okay I had to post this for all of the people that think I am nuts for clipping coupons like I do LOL First off here is the picture of what I bought tonight at the store in 2 transactions My first one I spent 20.32 and in my 2nd transaction I spent 4.48 - a grand total of 24.80. What is most impressive of my trip is the $30 in ONYO (on your next order) coupons I have - so basically I was paid 5.20 to take all this stuff home!!!! And yes this is stuff we use! The trick is pairing coupons with sales!! Needless to say I will be stockpiled on bbq sauce, mac & cheese, and A1 by the end of this sale!
I got 8 bottles of bbq sauce, 9 bottlesof A1, 6 boxes of Mac & Cheese, 4 bottles of salad dressing, 6 easy macs, 6 jello's, 2 tubs of butter, 2 packs of cheese slices, 2 boxes of wheat thins, and 2 crush cups packs (girls love these!!)