Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saving Money!!

Okay I had to post this for all of the people that think I am nuts for clipping coupons like I do LOL First off here is the picture of what I bought tonight at the store in 2 transactions My first one I spent 20.32 and in my 2nd transaction I spent 4.48 - a grand total of 24.80. What is most impressive of my trip is the $30 in ONYO (on your next order) coupons I have - so basically I was paid 5.20 to take all this stuff home!!!! And yes this is stuff we use! The trick is pairing coupons with sales!! Needless to say I will be stockpiled on bbq sauce, mac & cheese, and A1 by the end of this sale!
I got 8 bottles of bbq sauce, 9 bottlesof A1, 6 boxes of Mac & Cheese, 4 bottles of salad dressing, 6 easy macs, 6 jello's, 2 tubs of butter, 2 packs of cheese slices, 2 boxes of wheat thins, and 2 crush cups packs (girls love these!!)

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