Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Poker Night!

We had some friends visit from VA and we had a poker night and went to the DC 101's Chili Cook Off and concert with Shinedown, Papa Roach, Offspring, 3rd eye blind, red jumpsuit, and I feel like I am forgetting somebody LOL We had a great weekend and it was great seeing them again!!

I had forgotten all my glasses and shot glasses got left in CA (thanks packers for forgetting that cabinet) so Gina found a new use for my Pampered Chef items - did you know you can drink a Jager bomb out of one of the simple additions mugs LOL Let me know if you want to order one!

Poker night was a blast I actually won some really good hands but Donald (our buddy from VA) ended up winning! I also got to see some people we knew from CA and meet some new people my hubby met here while he was handing out those towels at the gym LOL

I dont have any good pics from the concert they are on cell phones....I am probably going to end up posting what we do have on facebook though or stealing Gina's pics LOL Other than that the concert was definitely an experiencing with the rain, the crowd surfing, the flashing, the herbal remedies, the trash, and did I mention chili? I ended up with a lovely sunburn due to forgetting my sunscreen at home but Gina chased down an older couple and they hooked me up with some ancient sunscreen which I hope minimized some of the further damage. overall an interesting time and to you parents with teenagers at the concert kudos to you for taking your kids to something you probably hated - I can only hope I am that cool in a few years, although I fear my eldest will be one of the first to hop in for the crowd surfing!


Stamp Maryland said...

Sounds like you all had a great time! You can always stop by and pick up shot glasses from my house any time.lol


Gina said...

LMAO I just knew that old lady would have sunscreen!!! Hahahah. And I love my ghetto jager bomb!