Friday, April 24, 2009

Pampered Chef Party!

Today I am doing a cooking show at Tracy's - my 2nd since becoming a consultant (have mainly done catalog shows) and it has been about 9 months since the first LOL - no stress!!

It should actually be fun! I am looking forward to it and hoping I dont forget anything!!

I hope everyone is doing well - we are doing great, I am preparing for my father-in-law's visit and realizing I have about 3 more weeks til I am back at work!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ashley is 1 Month Old Today!!!

Today Ashley is already a month old!! Wow the time flies by! Everyone is doing great with her and she fits in perfectly!

She spent the day sleeping and being tortured by me with the camera!
Everyone else is doing great, Dan is coaching Autumn's soccer team, and playing on a team on base, Alison starts soccer tomorrow night, and Amanda is continuing her reign of terror LOL she is affectionately known as Bamm-Bamm now.
I am more than halfway thru my maternity leave and finally getting into gear around here! I worked on my scrap area tonight and I may go searching one day this week for a stamp storage solution. Other than that I have a Pampered Chef show on Friday night, Scentsy is garnering a lot of interest and I need to prepare for a visit from my father in law! Busy Busy is the life around here!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter!!! We stayed up late last night dyeing easter eggs and then I was up til 2 am helping out the easter bunny!! The girls woke up to an easter egg hunt and their easter baskets which they are still happily digging through

Autumn got a PS3 karaoke disney singing game which she is going to love as she is now "Hannah Montana" since watching the Hannah Montana movie on Friday LOL

Alison is loving her stuffed bunny - she informed me on Friday that everyone has a stuffed bunny but her and she hoped the easter bunny would bring her one --- fyi the easter bunny said it is VERY hard to find a stuffed bunny the day before easter!!!

Amanda LOVED her candy LOL she got some tadoodle markers and coloring book

Ashley got a little seahorse that is similar to a glo worm that plays music and has a light up tummy
Here is Ashley in her little bunny sleeper I am torturing her or Dan with LOL It even has a pink tail on the back!! I am trying to locate a bunny hat I had for Amanda but Dan either hid it well or I have misplaced it!

I hope you all have a wonderful easter and I am going to go try to sneak a nap and watch my kids bounce off the walls from all the sugar!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Introducing Ashley Danielle!!!!

I have to apologize for the VERY late posting of this update!!! She is 2 weeks old nearly and I am finally getting around to posting some pics!!! Lets just say having 2 young ones will keep you busy! Not to mention the older 2 in soccer now!!
Ashley arrived on her due date 3/21 at 2:54 am! She is an excellent baby! Sleeps all the time and is not fussy at all and luckily does not wake to loud noises (with 3 older sisters our house is anything BUT quiet!!) She looks like her older sister Alison with a head full of dark hair and dark brown eyes. That gives us 2 blonde/blue eyed taking after Dan's family and 2 dark hair/dark eyed taking after me =0) We are very balanced LOL

Here she is on her first day...

Here is her cute foot!

Here she is in the accomodations provided for her in the hospital =0)

Here she is ready and waiting for them to let us leave!

Here she is after daddy got ahold of her LOL he is a pro at the baby burrito wrap!

Here she is at home with baby Amanda stalking her LOL - Amanda is actually doing very well with her - we just have to keep an eye on her as she loves the lively "baby doll"
Here she is with her eyes open finally!