Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ashley is 1 Month Old Today!!!

Today Ashley is already a month old!! Wow the time flies by! Everyone is doing great with her and she fits in perfectly!

She spent the day sleeping and being tortured by me with the camera!
Everyone else is doing great, Dan is coaching Autumn's soccer team, and playing on a team on base, Alison starts soccer tomorrow night, and Amanda is continuing her reign of terror LOL she is affectionately known as Bamm-Bamm now.
I am more than halfway thru my maternity leave and finally getting into gear around here! I worked on my scrap area tonight and I may go searching one day this week for a stamp storage solution. Other than that I have a Pampered Chef show on Friday night, Scentsy is garnering a lot of interest and I need to prepare for a visit from my father in law! Busy Busy is the life around here!!


Jenn said...

She is adorable! :)

Gina said...

She is cute! I see a lot of Dan in her.

Amanda said...

My Gosh she is getting so big!

Stamp Maryland said...
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Stamp Maryland said...

Oh, she is so sweet!


LOL! Had to delete my post since I can't spell my name.