Friday, February 26, 2010

Cards, Cards, Cards!

So I am actually keeping 1 of my resolutions...I wanted to make 1 card a month at least for the entire year. I decided I need this much needed 'me' time and I have managed to keep it up!! I just have not kept my blog resolution which is why you are just now seeing the cards LOL Below are my recent cards:

This card was done for a challenge on our Meade Splitcoast Thread. Gloria challenged us with the "flip"card. I actually really enjoyed this one! It took 3 tries but I enjoyed it LOL

I used a Unity Stamps and Stampin Up Card Stock. I inked the edges and used stickles to put a little sparkle

Amanda hosted a shoebox swap in January and this was the card I did for it. I was looking for something valentiney (so not a word but it is on my blog LOL) and this unity stamp was perfect! I used Stampin Up CardStock some chalk pads for the background, brads, and dew drops to complete the card. I believe the patterned paper was basic grey.

At Amanda's Shoebox Swap, I won the auction for the stampin up set I used on this card. I dont know why but I love this set!!! This is the card I made for the Baltimore Shoe Box Swap hosted by Cindy!

This is another card I made for a challenge hosted by Gloria! I am also noticing a trend with my cards, I apparently like Purple and Pink LOL Could be the 4 girls in the house! Anyhoo this is a new MFT stamp set I HAD to have and I love it!!! I used my favorite Crate Paper and Stampin Up Cardstock. We actually used a sketch for this challenge and I used my copics to color.

I also cut out the wings partially...I was trying to keep somewhat true to the measurements in the sketch and my image was so large I was able to cut out a lot of my white space by cutting the wings out of the square.

So that catches me up creatively!!! Between my 4 cards above, I have made approximately 50 cards at swaps so I think I am well within my 1 card a month goal!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Great Blizzard of 2010!!!

Wow I keep postig the "great blizzard" but this one really was! We had the biggest snowstorm the area has seen in over 100 years, I am starting to see a trend. Everwhere we live seems to have the worst storm ever when we move to the area LOL

My poor car got buried!

I am worried about the overhanging snow! Happy to report it did not take out my satellite before the superbowl!

Hubby looks for any change to belly flop in snow apparently LOL btw the snow is up to your rear anytime you sink all the way down! You get lucky in some spots and not go all the way down!

This is during the storm still

Some snow on the trees

We are all now trying to figure out how long the kids are out of school! They are definitely out tomorrow and we are to get MORE snow this week!!! Should be interesting!

I have moderated my comments due to some spam so that is why you may not see a comment appear immediately.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cute Gift Idea!!

So after watching the story of stuff, I realize we have soooo much and we had already been thinking of ways to cut back but not let the kids realize we are cutting back. One of my solutions is buying consumable goods like fruit bouquets/candy/cookies, doing activities like disney, or usable/necessity type of goods. The latter is not as much fun though, right? WRONG!!

One of My absolute favorite blogs is Well she is doing a giveaway for sockgrams! How cute are these!!! Perfect as a "we are thinking about you" type of gift without adding to all the clutter/landfills! Everyone wears socks and from someone that has 4 kids they LOVE decorative socks!!

Anyways I thought this was a really cute idea!!

Other than that - the blizzard has begun....anywhere from 20-30+ inches!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Story of Stuff

So Hubby sent me this link and WOW! It really opens your eyes to what we are doing to ourselves!

I definitely recommend watching this video!