Friday, February 5, 2010

Cute Gift Idea!!

So after watching the story of stuff, I realize we have soooo much and we had already been thinking of ways to cut back but not let the kids realize we are cutting back. One of my solutions is buying consumable goods like fruit bouquets/candy/cookies, doing activities like disney, or usable/necessity type of goods. The latter is not as much fun though, right? WRONG!!

One of My absolute favorite blogs is Well she is doing a giveaway for sockgrams! How cute are these!!! Perfect as a "we are thinking about you" type of gift without adding to all the clutter/landfills! Everyone wears socks and from someone that has 4 kids they LOVE decorative socks!!

Anyways I thought this was a really cute idea!!

Other than that - the blizzard has begun....anywhere from 20-30+ inches!!!!!

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