Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Great Blizzard of 2010!!!

Wow I keep postig the "great blizzard" but this one really was! We had the biggest snowstorm the area has seen in over 100 years, I am starting to see a trend. Everwhere we live seems to have the worst storm ever when we move to the area LOL

My poor car got buried!

I am worried about the overhanging snow! Happy to report it did not take out my satellite before the superbowl!

Hubby looks for any change to belly flop in snow apparently LOL btw the snow is up to your rear anytime you sink all the way down! You get lucky in some spots and not go all the way down!

This is during the storm still

Some snow on the trees

We are all now trying to figure out how long the kids are out of school! They are definitely out tomorrow and we are to get MORE snow this week!!! Should be interesting!

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