Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to work I go!

I started back to work this week, I am hoping this shakes off the lazy tater I was turning into and reverts me back to the person that can do 5 things at once and not blink an eye! I got quite a bit done but I have to say I did not accomplish near what I wanted to! The girls room is still not decorated and my pictures are still stacked under my scrap table LOL I did get to spend some quality time with all my girls though which is the whole point of maternity leave so I cannot count it as a total failure!!!

I started this blog to keep family updated and to show off some cards/scrapbook pages - I am going to try my best to start doing the latter!! I am going to a card swap Saturday and one in July so if nothing else that will motivate me to try to make a card monthly LOL I am actually waaaay behind, I have about 10 Thank You Cards to make so maybe I will feel the creative juices flowing and finally knock those out!!!

Other than that we all have the sniffles and sore throats so I have the Scentsy Eucalyptus going in nearly every room LOL Hope all is well with everyone and I will post some pics soon of the kids and hopefully a card finally!!!

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