Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wow My Ritz Camera Mistake!!!

What was my mistake? Ordering from them! I saw that they had scrapbook items on sale and when I went to their site I saw $20 off $100 if you check out thru Paypal, a coupon code for 5% off, and you get Free ship over $100 and no tax!! This made an awesome deal for copic markers! So I picked out 22 markers which came to $107, got 5% off, which had me still over $100 so I qualified for free ship and no tax so when I checked out I got my $20 off so I paid $81 thru paypal, all is well and good right? WRONG!!!!

10 minutes later I get my order confirmation with a total of $99! So I call but of course on a Sunday evening nobody answers, so Monday morning at 8 am I call and speak to "john" who obviously read the name off of an index card LOL and he informs me that the $99 is right because once the $20 was taken off I was under $100 and therefore shipping charges were tacked back on. Here is the quirky thing the marker price was adjusted to $3.98 rather than the $4.75 I paid originally so they took the $20 and spread it out over the markers and adjusted each price down. So when I said that to him, he was like oh no Paypal takes off the $20 that is from them, so I came back with well then I was over the $100 threshold for free shipping because my total was $107. So he tries explaining all over again how $100-$20 is less than $100 so I tell him just cancel my order please which he does and says he will have a supervisor call me.

So Tuesday afternoon, no call from the supervisor btw, and my $81 is still out of my paypal account so I call again and "Brad" tries to do the $100-$20 ordeal and I am like look just explain to me why my money is still showing out and he is like well your order is out for shipment - I am like how is that possible when I Cancelled it yesterday morning.

So he assures me he will get it re-routed back to them and credit me, but this is after he tries to explain 15 more times $100-$20 is less than $100 - at this point I am like honestly I understand what you are trying to say but listen to what I AM SAYING...I checked out through your system and paid $81 and then get an email saying $99 I called to find out if the $81 was right or the $99 and get this whole run down. I still have not had my question answered as to why the difference but in case I did not know before $100 - $20 is $80, that is what I got out of the experience LOL Oh and in case you were wondering their site still says Spend $100 and get $20 and free ship and no tax, I guess it should say spend $120?? I may have been fine to let it go since technically I only paid $81 but I could just see them doing a COD or trying to charge my card for the difference which is what the guy alluded to, that when they shipped they would have charged me $99.

Needless to say not a good deal on copics and there are sites out there that sell them for $4.25, with free shipping and NO HASSLE.

If you gain anything from this rant NEVER EVER order from Ritz or if you do watch your statement carefully! I would not be shocked at all if they try to charge me for more


Anonymous said...

Ok that seriously is a headache! ugh! thanx for the heads up from Ritz! Hope everything gets all worked out. It's Chris by the way :)

Stacy said...

LOL your picture gave me the hint goober

Jenn said...

I ordered from Ritz (through amazon.com) and had similar problems. It took me forever talking to "john billy bob and whoever else" (even though it sounded like the same person every time) to get it all figured out and they never did do it right. After I made sure i wasn't overcharged and got what i ordered I left negative feedback on amazon and they gave me a store credit to take it off. I didn't dare spend over the 20 dollars in fear that they would charge me wrong again and then I just left negative feed back over at SCS for all crafters to know about. I hope it all gets worked out for you in the end.

I did get a good laugh out of your "names" though cause I was saying the same thing.

Stacy said...

oh i did not think of amazon I may drop a review too, It was pretty funny with the name.