Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stamping away!

I got my new kit last night from Unity Stamp Co (love them!!!) and I had to play with it LOL I have come to the conclusion I have the wrong paper! One needs watercolor paper to get it to blend right (bazzill does not work in this case!). So I now have a shopping list - Paper, and I think I am going to start buying the copics, while pricey I think they will be worth it in the long run! Also on a side note Unity is having a sale today 25% off - you cant beat that!!!

Other than that I will spend my day today working and trying to figure out what I am making for a bunco night on is my first time playing so that should be interesting. My buddy Sheila jinxed me though so I will probably roll "snake eyes" all night - thanks She LOL

Well off I go to convince Autumn to move faster - she is going to be fun getting up as a teenager, since I am already having issues with her getting ready for school at 7!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy. Nice blog! My blog needs your help it's all ugly!

See ya' Friday!