Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday the day for relaxing?

whew I am tired but I have got a LOT done today!!! I woke up made cinnamon rolls (canned of course LOL) then started on the reindeer - whoever came up with candy cane reindeer should be shot LOL Very cute - but when doing them for the entire class - very time consuming!
I then moved onto goodie bags,
and then some bead bracelet kits I had. We made these for us and a few of autumn's closest friends - very cute idea, I think after xmas I am going to stalk michael's/AC Moore for some charms on clearance and make them for her entire class next year.
I wrapped all of this up by organizing my pantry, cabinets, fixing some wall paper that was not sticking down right - thank you elmer's glue LOL, and wiping down the kitchen, and hanging some pictures (only 500 left to hang (slight exaggeration LOL)) WHEW!!!!
I then got to finish the goodie bags (we did the reindeer's noses last so I was waiting for them to dry!).
I will post the final bags when I get the tags made (probably tomorrow I need to go get kids ready for bed and wrap, wrap, wrap!!!)

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