Friday, December 26, 2008

Recovery Time!!

Whew who knew being pregnant over Christmas could be soooo exhausting!!! I usually have had the baby before this time so other than the year I had Alison I am well recovered by this time of year! We had a great day though! Santa came by and left us a wii and alllllll of the goodies to go with it so needless to say that has been getting a workout - today was 7 hours alone LOL Nana is already talking of wanting one for her room so she can get to it and play what she wants when she wants hahahahaha (nana is my mom who is actually kid #4 currently)!

Dan got me a camcorder and some winter wear and books - he still had to sneak in an electronic! Nana got me a huge ott lite for my office/scrap room (no longer can it be referred to as my cave!) and the new "your story" binder/laminator machine from provo craft. Dan got his motorcycle jacket, a bucs jersey from Nana, some ps3 games and stargate and firefly series on dvd (what every sci fi geek must have!). Nana got some shelves for her room and the bionic eye thing that records. The girls what can I say they were well taken care of LOL Autumn got her guitar and a bunch of craft stuff and clothes (she is getting sooooo hard to shop for!) Alison above all got her potty doll, a wowwee panda, some clothes and misc. other toys. Amanda got the bounce and spin zebra and a piano she loves and some misc. toys. Ariel and Alex got some squeaky toys and treats.

After opening the mountain of presents - I have thinned down what I spend on them but with the growing family it does not really reduce the amount of presents LOL I am afraid to see the tree next year with baby #4! - I then moved onward to christmas dinner! It turned out pretty yummy and we all proceeded to eat too much =0) But then it was on to wii fit time LOL we all did our wii fit ages which was hilarious!! Mom is 64 and her wii fit age was 47, I am 31 and my wii fit age is 51 talk about embarrassing LOL But in my defense I went first and we had no clue what we were doing! I went again later and besides gaining 3 lbs?? I probably should not have ate that turkey sandwich LOL I got my age down to 47 so at least I am not older than mom now LOL Autumn was 14 and Alison was 24 (she really has absolutely no balance) and I think Dan was in his 50's. Overall I have to really say I love the Wii and Wii fit. It is not only a blast to play and we can all enjoy it but it really does work you! I wish they had a preggo setting so my poor Mii character did not look like a butterball turkey though LOL Although that is probably pretty fitting for me right now =0)

Today was our lazy day and basically we played the wii and just vegged. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I am going to concentrate on recovering from Christmas =)
Sorry posting this a day later - hubby fixed our net so we were offline for a whole evening *gasp*

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