Monday, December 22, 2008

Starting to Feel Caught Up!!

Woohoo Goodie bags are done - I cheated LOL today while in Wal-Mart I saw these cute gift tags so I bought those and let autumn right them out to her friends. I was going to be crafty and cut tags with the cricut and stamp but time was against us! If I had not had the cookies I may have been a bit more motivated =0) Check out the finished goodie bag and snowman cookies!

Also while I was running errands on my lunch break I came home to the cutest card and tin of cookies! Thanks Tracy!!!! My daughter carried around her "rudolph" gingerbread cookie for an hour showing me how he can fly....I think she may have problems eating him LOL
Anyhoo just a few more items to take care of to deal with wrapping...technically I am done but I need to help Santa with a few items! I need to buy mom's present, and we need to take the kids to see santa (I am sooo running late this year!) Whew stress is pretty much past and now I can actually relax and enjoy the holiday!!!

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