Monday, December 28, 2009


So Christmas with 4 kids is insane! I somehow managed to get everything wrapped and ready to go in time - still not sure how I managed it! I have learned to ignore my hubby's growling around this time of year LOL When we just had Autumn it was because I got her everything, then with 2 I cut back but with 2 there was the same amount, and while I have cut back even more when you have presents for 7 people, the tree is going to be full! Needless to say he growls this time of the year and I ignore it LOL

The highlights for the girls was Autumn got an Ipod and a Teacher set (she makes alison attend school daily, taught by her lol), Alison was happiest with Santa's gift of Zhu Zhu pets - oh yes I managed to score the elusive "hot toy" and accessories, Amanda loves the house mom got her, and little ashley likes to eat the bits of wrapping paper she can uncover LOL She has not yet realized not everything goes into her mouth!

Amanda on Christmas Eve:

Dan and the 2 youngest:

Autumn with her School Set

Ashley opening some presents

Ashley discovering she likes the wrapping paper and boxes more than the presents lol

All of my girls

the cat quickly fell in love with her bed...her name is belle which I am learning it is pointless to name a cat as they do not come when you call their name nor do they listen LOL

Ariel loved her bed, until Rosie found it:
btw they got their names Rosie and Belle from my oldest girls that for some reason name EVERYTHING Rosabella...every stuffed animal and toy has some form of rosabella for a name. Hence Rosie and Belle.

And if you ever wondered what kind of crazy people buys Snuggies for their answered that question - her poor dog LOL

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