Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ali's Bday!!!

Wow this is going to be a long update!!! Needless to say I am breaking it into 3 posts! One for Ali, One for the Blizzard and one for Christmas!

1st off I have not forgotten anyone - My christmas cards are still here with me, they will be on their way this week I promise!!!

2nd - I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!! To family I wish we could have spent it with you guys, but I assure you - you probably had a quieter christmas without my crazy crew around!

Now with that done - time for updates!!!

Alison had the luck of being born a week before christmas! We had her party at chuck e. cheese with some friends from her pre-school class on a Wednesday night. 2 thoughts to this, 1 - middle of the week, hopefully less busy, and 2 - middle of the week maybe all 16 people I invited would not show LOL Sounds horrid I know but you have to invite the entire class, and I prefer to do more for less people then less for more people.

Mom out did herself on her cake

One of her favorite presents was her Princess and the Frog Prince and Princess dolls, she looks a wee bit excited LOL

She got some quality time with Chuck E Cheese at her party in her stylin' inflatable hat - which someone had the wise idea to create token spots so her sisters could chase her trying to steal her tokens, ahh having four girls is a joy every day LOL

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