Monday, December 28, 2009

All Caught Up!!!

Okay so I think everything is now up to date but I have to go hit the hay!!! I am unfortunately out of vacation days and I have to work tomorrow and there is TONS to do!!! I actually planned to work tonight and after running dan a snack at work, I was not in the work mode.

I have tons of resolutions for the new year and one of them is bringing everything into balance...I apparently need balance in my life to be "superwoman" and this year everything was not in balance. My constant trying to do everything at the last minute for everything is a sign of that!

I will list them out below and I hope to keep all of them!!!!

  1. Blog at least once a week!
  2. Start a game night with the girls
  3. Clip and organize my coupons each week and get my stockpile back!!
  4. Pay off some bills in 2010 and cut some cards!!! It is time for my "friends" to go!
  5. Scrap a page and make a card at least 1 per month! This is vital "me" time that I have not had this year and I think I really need this!!!
  6. Work "normal" hours....I worked some really crazy hours this year and still stayed behind 90% of the is a horrid feeling and it definitely seeped into my home life as working so much threw me off my couponing and "me" time. I am trying to realize I am but one person and I can only do what I can do.....tough for someone like me to accept, but I am driving myself nuts stressing about not being on top of things!
  7. Lose the baby weight!!! No more babies for us so it is time to get this weight off finally!! I apparently "live" by my taste buds per my hubby (he stated this as I was eating snow LOL) and it is true - I do love food!! I unfortunately at my age I have to ramp up the exercise though, a diet is not enough anymore!
  8. Get back to my uber organized self and stay that way!!! Be Proactive and not Reactive!!! I hate realizing 2 days after someones birthday that I did not send a card or call....Please note I realized all of your birthdays, and I completely hate I did not get out Thank You notes for all the wonderful things people have done for me this year! If you get a random thank you note in 2010 it is possibly from something you did in 2009!

I think that is all for me for this year! I think it is enough to keep me busy and most are simple enough I "should" be able to keep them!!!

What are your resolutions for this year???

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