Thursday, February 19, 2009

Playing Blog Catch Up!!!

Thank you to all my friends and family for the emails on how behind I am on my blog hahahahahahaha

We had a bit of snow - Amanda was not impressed, but the girls loved the snowman Dan built! I used my scrap stash for the eyes and mouth LOL who knew Brads could make the perfect snowman hahaha

Here is the girls on Valentines (Alison was in a funk and would NOT smile!!) It is the curse of more than 2, you can never get more than 2 to smile at the same time LOL Can you tell who my two hams are? Must be something about them sharing a birthday =0)

This is a pic from my baby shower LOL the Meade Girls decided to torture me with a hat with every funky bow they could find and insisted on adding each bow from each present hahahaha I think it is kinda southern belleish. They surprised the heck out of me though - I thought I was going for a GNO and instead had a wonderful shower hosted by Tracy, and boy did they help me out in the diaper department!!! Thank You ladies Again!!!

Other than that I have been cutting coupons like a dang fool - I am actually saving tons of money - it is just a pain to clip the amount of coupons a family the size of mine needs =0) One cannot complain too much with all the free toothpaste and groceries I am getting for a fraction of what I used to pay =0) Only problem is I am sooooo out of room LOL My deep freezer is stuffed beyond belief and my shelves I set aside for my stockpile are full. Sad part is I do not feel fully stockpiled LOL

I am also working my rear off at work and working on my card for the Meade Card Swap in March...should be fun, I am using an adorable bunny stamp from Unity - I will post when it is complete!

I will be going on maternity towards the end of March so I will strive to keep my blog up, maybe even post some cards finally!!!! We will see LOL

I also received the New Pampered Chef catalogs in - let me know if you want one and I will get one sent out!!! Lots of cool new products, including a pineapple cutter and lots of cool bamboo items!!
I think that has been all the major excitement for the past month! Other than the mundane normal things like cars having to have repairs, and tax returns! Consider yourself caught up!!!


Anonymous said...

The pics are adorable. Thanks for updating and sharing them.


Sheila said...

Yay you have snow!! Love the pics!

Amanda said...

Glad you updated!