Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My first 2010 Post!!!

So far I am on track of blogging once a week LOL I know it is only day 6 of the year but hey, at least I am on track for now!

For my first post I have to share my latest triples trip wooohoooo! My fave grocery store has not been tripling lately but they brought it out to start the year right!

The total for all you see was $7.57 AND I got $10 Bonus bucks back to use on my next visit!

I got 3 bottles of mr. clean pourable cleaners, 3 spray cleaners, 2 dawn dish soap refills, 1 dawn dish soap, 2 magic erasers, 6 frozen pizzas, 4 no yolks, 2 yogurts, 2 season salts, 1 sour cream, 10 healthy choice dinners, overall very pleased with this shopping trip!

And on a humorous note - this is now how I humor myself, tormenting my cats with zhu zhu pets LOL I like to think of it as mouse catching training for if we ever move to the country!

Seriously though I am not sure who enjoys them more the cats or Amanda and Ashley!