Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time for some sleep!

so tonight was supposed to be my late night at work, and instead I chased kids down, checked on alison and tackled my tax return! I unfortunately cannot submit until i get my 1099 from Pampered Chef and Scentsy but I am ready other than that!!

Ali has been sick all week with a high fever but is doing much better, she now has a nasty cough but the fever is lower.

Work has been hectic as always, today my phone rang nonstop, which means one of those days you cannot get anything done because you are constantly getting diverted by the caller's new issue!

I foresee me working Sunday night since tomorrow night I have to finish my swap card for a baltimore card swap and get my 30 (yes 30) card kits cut up!!!

I leave you with a very intriquing blog....I am sure you saw or heard about the movie julie and julia where she cooked from julia child's cookbook every day of the year? Well this lady did a crockpot meal every day and boy do they look great! I think this is a cool idea and she even has a cookbook out now! Thanks DawnMarie for showing this to me!! I will be testing some of her recipe's over the next few weeks and I will let you know what I think! Be sure to check it out at

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