Sunday, January 17, 2010

Uh oh!!!

sooooo I have already shot my blog a week and it is only day 17 of January LOL.....I will make 2 posts this week to "hopefully" make up!

It has been crazy (as always!) I with 3 other ladies here joined a dump our plump team and I have been trying to work out for that and this week i was bad, too much going on so I am only praying I did not GAIN weight!!! Next week I am going to make sure we stay on track!

We got the wise idea to rearrange the house....My office/scrap room moved upstairs, all girls to one room, living room to my old office, all toys to old living room as a playroom. Yeah this was hubby's idea btw - I think it will be a good move when we are done but right now I think my hair is turning gray! And I will now have a door I can lock and CLOSE when I am working wooohoooo!!!

I am a new aunt!!! My sister in law Dixie gave birth to baby boy (yeah nice someone in the family can have boys LOL) Mason!!! He is a cutie and I hope Mommy and baby are doing well!

That is it for now - busy as always, not much new - oh Ashley is starting to take steps on her own so that is our big news for the week =0)

Until next time.....

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Amanda said...

Ahhhh Congrats on being an Aunt! I love his name very cute.

Yeah I'm thinking I gained this week I didn't cook at all. We ate crap food all week. Suck's being sick. Hope not but thinking so!